Step 8: Buy Local

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The food you buy locally can be picked closer to being ripe so it’s got more food value. It hasn’t taken gallons of fuel to get it to you and it’s nice to support your own community.

Shop at your local farmer’s market. While at the grocers look for signs on produce that state it’s grown locally. Buy from local farmers. These farms can be found by searching Eatwild.com or Localharvest.org. The best way to eat local is to grow it youself, you have more control over the food you eat if you grow it yourself.
I live in Dominican Republic and there are not many organic food producers here, so if I want to eat organic I need to buy imported food, which I do but it makes my choice of life quite expensive :s
kiffakitty5 years ago
 You have to watch out though, sometimes at Farmers Markets theres a lot of people selling non-organic food that you can get at the grocery store. I live in Southern California and you can definitely tell that some of the food they are selling they either bought from the supermarket and then marketed up the price or they actually work for the large corporations that sell fruit to super markets and that it is actually the same product. Try to see what things are in season in your area, If one stand is selling peaches in the winter when everyone else is selling parsnips or whatever, then save your money and just buy the peaches from the super market. Farmers Markets are expensive because it is supposed to be home grown, but there are a lot of scams too. Also when shopping for meat or milk realize that although they are feeding the animals organic corn and may not use antibiotics, the animals still live in the same horrible conditions as non-organic livestock. 
oh alot of people got scammed like that the omish were just buying like a can of green beans for 2.43 and were selling it for 3.56.