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Eating healthy is important thing to do in life, to put ourselves at less risk of having serious heath problems, like, say a heart attack. In this instuctable, ill teach you the basics of eating healthy (or healthier).

Step 1: Take baby steps

Picture of Take baby steps
What do you eat? a PLAIN cheeseburger, and a COKE? If your just starting to eat healthier, take baby steps, like getting that cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes, and instead of the coke, get water or juice. OR, dont go out to eat and make your self a healthy sandwich and water. see, baby steps are what will train you for the big stuff up ahead.
jlee1312 years ago
very Inspiring, thanks for sharing it.

vowen4 years ago
Thanks for the healthy tips. I'll start to follow up.

19samman985 years ago
do you have to have some sugar?