How to Eat a Banana Like a Monkey

Picture of How to Eat a Banana Like a Monkey
The actual eating isn't too different from humans. The real magic is in how monkeys peel their banana to get at the goodness inside.

Bananas are delicious and work like a charm in pancakes, but odds are you're peeling them the way that you've been taught and never thought about it. So let's do it like the experts: monkeys.
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Step 1: Get a banana

Picture of Get a banana
This part is easy and open to some choice. This banana is nice and evenly yellow. I like mine to have more brown on the outside while others insist on there being a little green. Hey, it's your banana, I'm just here to tell you about peeling it.

Step 2: Identify the top of the banana

Picture of Identify the top of the banana
Bananas grow in bunches pointing up with the stems on the bottom. The other side is really the top.

Step 3: Pinch the top

Picture of Pinch  the top
Get a nice firm pinch on the top of the banana. You might get a bit of smooshed banana goop on your fingers, but with practice you can do it cleanly.

Besides, the banana goop tastes good. Lick it off your fingers!

Step 4: Peel

Picture of Peel
So you've pinched and gotten a good hold on some part of the peel. Great! Now pull it!

Step 5: Repeat

Picture of Repeat
Peel two or three more times and you'll have a beautiful banana to behold and eat.

Step 6: Eat!

Picture of Eat!
This banana was huge so I shared some of it with Mitch, who was helping me out by taking pictures.

Mmm... banana.

Step 7: The Beauty of it All

Picture of The Beauty of it All
With the stem still intact you have a natural handle for the banana. There's no fumbling or trying to get the last bit out, it just happens easily and naturally.

So toss the peel in the compost and get on with your day a little happier that you just had a banana and you feel awesome!!
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ndouglas30310 days ago
Your awesome fungus amungus!
Dutch Houston9 months ago
I've been eating bananas that way for years and I always get weird looks.
We humans clearly have a lot to learn from our fellow primates.
Yeah although you could quite convincingly argue that they have a lot more to learn from us.

Like language, writing, network routing...
mandiecb2 years ago
This is the only way I've ever known to peel a banana...didn't know there was any other way!
guy here in Brazil everyone eats bananas as well without needing any instructable. make this instructable for me was a waste of time because everyone knows eating bananas as well.
fungus amungus (author)  benderbrasil3 years ago
Americans haven't been having a problem eating them either. I put this up because most people here eat them by opening from the other end.
oh good. now yes I understand
palmtree2C3 years ago
I read in a magazine I think it was Wierd and that ripe bananas glow under a black light and that the peel can be used to filter water. I don't remember if they said what it filtered out. ??????
batonas4 years ago
not every people are smart as a monkey to figure out this one.
Do you think monkeys teach monkeys how to eat a banana like a human O.o im jk

good istructable 5*
happyjo4 years ago
SO wonderful!
your dog4 years ago
This is actually a great way to eat a banana. I have been eating them this way for years. It also doesn't bruise as easily this way!
aradi4 years ago
Some times monkeys open the banana peel with their mouth
Daddio_UK7 years ago
You can live on bananas alone.. but you get all fat .. like an American.
Now that was racist.
American is a race?
Some are. Apparently the American Presidents have to race for the White House according to the news. That's why Obama won, he's got longer legs than almost anyone else in America except for those with longer legs than him.
Wow you went there.
In my book.
Especially the way he described us.
It's only offensive because it's true of too many of us . . .and the sooner we realize we need to get of our fat backsides and do some real work the better!
I only actually said it to see if anyone would bite, it wasn't meant to be seriously offensive. Its almost an image portrayed here by the TV press/programs.. wonder how we are portrayed there, some one said toothless with poor dental health care .. is that true?
Not really. At least, not of the ones I've met.
That's the stereotype (Austin Powers), but I've met Brits and their teeth are fine. Although they do speek a different language...
Its called English btw.. not heard of it b4? lol
I speak American by the way...not heard of it before? (laugh to myself quietly)
What did they do with the dictionary on the mayflower anyway! eat it or beat indians over the head with it... perhaps. ;).
Urrn Daddio_UK5 years ago
The dictionary was made in America
Daddio_UK Urrn5 years ago
Are you 'inventing' more history now? ;) .. next thing we know, Americans will be leading escapes from Colditz, in films. lol
om nom nom . . . .pleh bloimey this papah taists turrible!
Have another 1/2 pound burger then.
I think this conversation has gone on for long enough... 6 MONTHS?!?! Crazy, I tell you.
you have been sat staring at your pc too long, I only spent a few mins sat at mine on this conversation. Go out side, through the thing they call "door", its really bright, it burns your eyes at first, but you'll get used to it.. its really big out there too, you should see it! ;)
i think i've heard of these "door" things . . .apparently they were used before the internet was invented by al gore
hehe,very good.
I remember that, we phoned someone up with a phone in a cradle and left someone in some university a message on a board, we all crowded round 1 pc in a classroom... if I had known it was him on the other end, I would have posted "Get F*&$%".
...or have a banana !!!
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