Picture of How to Eat a Banana Like a Monkey
The actual eating isn't too different from humans. The real magic is in how monkeys peel their banana to get at the goodness inside.

Bananas are delicious and work like a charm in pancakes, but odds are you're peeling them the way that you've been taught and never thought about it. So let's do it like the experts: monkeys.

Step 1: Get a banana

Picture of Get a banana
This part is easy and open to some choice. This banana is nice and evenly yellow. I like mine to have more brown on the outside while others insist on there being a little green. Hey, it's your banana, I'm just here to tell you about peeling it.
ndouglas3031 month ago
Your awesome fungus amungus!
Dutch Houston10 months ago
I've been eating bananas that way for years and I always get weird looks.
We humans clearly have a lot to learn from our fellow primates.
Yeah although you could quite convincingly argue that they have a lot more to learn from us.

Like language, writing, network routing...
mandiecb2 years ago
This is the only way I've ever known to peel a banana...didn't know there was any other way!
guy here in Brazil everyone eats bananas as well without needing any instructable. make this instructable for me was a waste of time because everyone knows eating bananas as well.
fungus amungus (author)  benderbrasil3 years ago
Americans haven't been having a problem eating them either. I put this up because most people here eat them by opening from the other end.
oh good. now yes I understand
palmtree2C3 years ago
I read in a magazine I think it was Wierd and that ripe bananas glow under a black light and that the peel can be used to filter water. I don't remember if they said what it filtered out. ??????
batonas4 years ago
not every people are smart as a monkey to figure out this one.
Do you think monkeys teach monkeys how to eat a banana like a human O.o im jk

good istructable 5*
happyjo4 years ago
SO wonderful!
your dog4 years ago
This is actually a great way to eat a banana. I have been eating them this way for years. It also doesn't bruise as easily this way!
aradi4 years ago
Some times monkeys open the banana peel with their mouth
Daddio_UK7 years ago
You can live on bananas alone.. but you get all fat .. like an American.
Now that was racist.
American is a race?
Some are. Apparently the American Presidents have to race for the White House according to the news. That's why Obama won, he's got longer legs than almost anyone else in America except for those with longer legs than him.
Wow you went there.
In my book.
Especially the way he described us.
It's only offensive because it's true of too many of us . . .and the sooner we realize we need to get of our fat backsides and do some real work the better!
I only actually said it to see if anyone would bite, it wasn't meant to be seriously offensive. Its almost an image portrayed here by the TV press/programs.. wonder how we are portrayed there, some one said toothless with poor dental health care .. is that true?
Not really. At least, not of the ones I've met.
That's the stereotype (Austin Powers), but I've met Brits and their teeth are fine. Although they do speek a different language...
Its called English btw.. not heard of it b4? lol
I speak American by the way...not heard of it before? (laugh to myself quietly)
What did they do with the dictionary on the mayflower anyway! eat it or beat indians over the head with it... perhaps. ;).
Urrn Daddio_UK6 years ago
The dictionary was made in America
Daddio_UK Urrn6 years ago
Are you 'inventing' more history now? ;) .. next thing we know, Americans will be leading escapes from Colditz, in films. lol
om nom nom . . . .pleh bloimey this papah taists turrible!
Have another 1/2 pound burger then.
I think this conversation has gone on for long enough... 6 MONTHS?!?! Crazy, I tell you.
you have been sat staring at your pc too long, I only spent a few mins sat at mine on this conversation. Go out side, through the thing they call "door", its really bright, it burns your eyes at first, but you'll get used to it.. its really big out there too, you should see it! ;)
i think i've heard of these "door" things . . .apparently they were used before the internet was invented by al gore
hehe,very good.
I remember that, we phoned someone up with a phone in a cradle and left someone in some university a message on a board, we all crowded round 1 pc in a classroom... if I had known it was him on the other end, I would have posted "Get F*&$%".
...or have a banana !!!
The latter.
"Bad teeth and no guns" are the stereotypes for Brits where I lived. But then, that was in Texas, where you can't have a pickup truck without a gun rack in it.
when i lived in texas i got my first gun for cristmas when i was 4
The "no guns" part is for canadians.
Don't worry, Daddio. The American media portrays Americans that way, too.
 more stereotypical than racist... since americans are a mutt breed. cant really narrow down any specific race. eventually in america in like 100 more years we're all gonna look the same. kinda tan. light coffee colored with narrower eyes.
actually, more nationist, or perhaps continentist
I'd like to think that canadians aren't obese, unfortunately I get disproved of that often enough.
Good point.
not for very long. taking in massive amounts of potassium can kill you. of course, too much of anything can kill you.
n8man EnigmaMax7 years ago
You can actually die from water poisoning.
EnigmaMax n8man7 years ago
you mean too much water or poisoned water?
n8man EnigmaMax7 years ago
too much water
EnigmaMax n8man7 years ago
yeah, I remember that on a radio.
you can die from oxygen poisoning too...
I also heard starlight can kill you too.
it can, if you get too close to the star!
It killed Michael Jackson, he was a star.
Did you know: Saliva causes stomach cancer when swallowed in small amounts over a long period of time.
I hope you're joking...
Daddio_UK n8man7 years ago
Some people can't tell how much water they need and drink untill the brain swells up and then die.. well, they end up in hospital in reality I guess/ would hope.
Just before I was diagnosed as diabetic, I was drinking 15 ltrs a day and washed all the salt out of me until I started to have multiple organ failure.. boring fact and I'm out of this entire convo althogether on that note!. love you guys over the pond really you know!... you are family after all!.
we love you guys over the pond too Awww Group hug!
lol @ this thread still going on
Lol. The water thing you talk about It's common in raves and the like where people pop some pills and have no idea of what they're doing or what they've done. Drinking too much, etc leads to the cells swelling with water and eventually bursting. It's very uncommon though, they're more likely to dehydrate themselves.
yeah, bananas are tasty.
marcnh n8man6 years ago
it's called water intoxication.
jakee117 n8man6 years ago
I heard about that, a radio show had a contest to see who could drink the most water without going to the bathroom, and someone died... don't remember where I heard it...
I'll tell you a story. :) I have worked with people from:brazil, comumbia, peru, china, thailand, kazakhstan, latvia, lithuania, poland, croatia, ect..lalala - and when they come to this country and work, they gain weight! Usually 5-15 pounds, more around 5-10 pounds. I really think it's our artificial, processed food with all the chemicals. I would see them eating a huge plate of food, which is what they are accustomed to because their diet is more wholesome. So, one reason we are fat is because of the lack of whole foods. I tell ya - people just can't cook in the usa. They want "heat and eat"! Also it's the addicting "pop" that gets em. Lastly, people here think they will die or get sick if they miss a couple meals, and missing meals is healthy in my opinion, everything needs a break. peace.
 when you say "pop", of corse, you mean "soda" (i'm from california)
It's sodapop.
I'm not from California, but I always say soda....  wierd
 America was founded on sugar. After realizing how much easier and quicker it was to grow than tobacco, early settlers made their money on sugar crops. You're also right about Americans being obsessed with the "heat-n-eat" style food. Many people can go years, or their entire life without ever cooking for themselves. Plus most processed foods contain high amounts of sodium as a preservative leading to high blood pressure and heart disease. Not all Americans are fat though, there are fat people in every country, and skinny people. It doesn't matter where you're from.
My goodness. A Whole lifetime of never cooking? I mean, I can try, but I still don't think I can imagine it. It's too sad.
ReWood marcnh5 years ago
Plus, these people eat large helpings because they WORK for a living! They work it off. Oh, and for the record: "Wholesome" does NOT equal "OK-to-eat-a-truckload". Wholesome food is only healthy in moderation, like everything else. You can still die from ODing on organic, free range eggs and bacon . . . (of course your chances for growing a third arm out of one side of your forehead are GREATLY diminished . . . so there's that). Relax. Have a homebrew! ?:op
Don't bananas tend to make you poop? Or is it constipated . . . like a Brit? ?:op
not all americans are fat, most of my friend are skinny
wobbler4 years ago
I've seen monkeys eating bananas and they don't do it quite like this. Shouldn't you be peeling the banana with your feet whilst picking your bum with one hand and your nose with the other whilst hanging from a tree with your tail?
Kacheeker5 years ago
Now I want a banana... :D
SpiroExDeus5 years ago
That's nothing LIKE the way I eat a monkey!
I thought the same :-)
From Brazil:

The banana is down side! You mus to open in the other extremity and your fingers will remain clean!
Joe22c5 years ago
Did anyone else think about that episode of the Simpsons where Homer attempts to teach a class?

Homer: For you see, marriage is a lot like an orange. First, you have the skin...then the sweet, sweet innards...[devours it]

Apu: I don't understand...?

Willy: {If I wanted to see a man eat an orange, I would have taken  the orange-eating class!

*scene cuts to the orange-eating class*

Hans Moleman: Eating an orange is a lot like a good marriage-
Abe: Just eat the damn orange!

i honestly more than often dont peel at all. I just eat the peel and all. It may seem strange but the peel has a lot more of vitamins and all those healthy goodies inside than the part most people eat.(the peel actually doesnt taste THAT bad, it just kind of has a bit of an aftertaste)
 Not to doubt you but how do you know this is how monkeys eat bananas?

generator5 years ago
 monkeys peel their bananas upside down? or we peel them upside down? wow. never thought about peeling them this way. thanks! i'll try it next time i get my hands on a banana!
inquist5 years ago
Sometimes I break the entire banana in half. If you pull evenly on each half (near the center) and then break it by pulling harder on the top, the peel splits and separates into two halves. Works best on ripe bananas. Then you can peel each half separately, from the middle. Also has the advantage of being able to save half for a while, without the need for a knife.
i did this naturely must be mostly chimp
humans and chimps have 98% of the same dna.
Humans and bananas have around 50% of the same DNA
verity335 years ago
Monkeys don't eat the centre of the banana, where the seeds are. The monkeys I watched once, anyhow. And baboons don't like the little strings down the sides of the banana. :o)
usuk5 years ago
this is probably the most idiotic thing I've seen this hour and and considering that I've been surfing Yahoo answers the past hour, that's really bad. You know why monkeys eat bananas this way? Cause they're too STUPID to turn them around and peel them the right way, by the stem, which makes a nice natural handle for peeling and keeps the hands clean and fruit-free. Getting banana goop on your fingers is not a plus, bananas are probably the only fruit you can eat and keep your hands clean, it comes with a nifty disposable pouch, and you want to f@#k it up by acting like a damn chimp!
yourdad6 years ago
But, of course, the important question is: do you crack your eggs from the narrow end or the wide end? Crypto-Blefescuans need not reply!
usmmjenny6 years ago
I eat my bananas with a utensil. I first cut a ripe banana in half, then peel and slice or dice. I then mix with other fruits or top my cereal. Yay! for opposable thumbs!
greenly6 years ago
What a great idea... you think?
marcnh6 years ago
That's how they do it in - brazil or uk....can't remember...lol. One of my friends ate bananas this way and they said everyone in their country ate them like that.
best way to eat a banana: 1) Grab banana 2)Hold banana on both ends 3)Tear a chunk out of the middle while still in peel 4)Laugh hysterically as people stare at you. lol seriously, try it.
the peel tastes weird. it coats your mouth with a weird feeling.
mmmm. waxy.
That includes a little more fiber than I was wanting.
lol. i think you may be right with that.
m.w.oldham6 years ago
You're supposed to peel them? No wonder I never liked bananas.
ha ha ha
Vulcanator6 years ago
you can smoke the peels of the banana
CountAight6 years ago
LOL, this reminds me a hilarious incident in college, a conceited friend of mine (you know the type, trying to prove that he knows more than you) was telling me, that this was the proper way to eat a banana (in a so matter-of-fact attitude). As we were crossing the street he hadn't eaten less than half of the banana when all of the sudden all of the peel came undone and the perfectly good banana went flying onto the street. I laughed till I cried. So I think I'll stick to my way of eating a banana, thank you.
shantr0n6 years ago
Tried to do this last night (without reading the yr instructable, but still remembering it), but I was really quite intoxicated and got squished banana on my hands =(

I shall try again today, sober!
tristan9936 years ago
u have changed by banana eating forever
THESTU6 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... banana!
frannyloo6 years ago
that may be the "correct way" to eat a banana, but its totally not the most fun. the way i like to open bananas is to hold it by the stem part upside down, so that the end of the banana with no stem is pointing toward your elbow. then you fling it forwards, but not too hard or it falls off.
x z i t6 years ago
i know how to peel a bananannanaa du u tinkking i am dum?
Spelling weird on purpose,eh?
Its just an alternative way.
KD7CAO6 years ago
Never knew there was another way to eat bananas. Had to watch my dad eat one today, he broke the stem off like others are saying which of course bruised the fruit inside, my dad then cuts out the bad section and throws it away because he doesn't really like soft foods. Showed him how I've always done it and he just watched in amazement. hahaha
I love this. I used to do it the other way round but i am going to try that next time as i always disliked the last bit of my banana (hard to get out and ofen dry in taste)
mman15066 years ago
my grandma always said that this is the right way to peel a banna
How to eat a banana like a guy: Always break it in half first. It's very dramatic the way they break. And it's cool.
i like to hold it by the stem and flick it to open it.
I eat bananas like this.I snap the stem and peel it.Then I eat it and throw the banana peel in the compost.
JellyWoo7 years ago
this is how i eat a banana but i'm not a monkey.
pcludeg7 years ago
hallo every body banana eating like monkey style so vary funny jaise ki banana khhakar bander bhi sharma jaye
CapnTac pcludeg7 years ago
dadigareng7 years ago
LaceyD7 years ago
Your instructables are always the BEST! Simply useful. It all seems so obvious now- I feel like a doofus for always peeling from the stem end!
n8man LaceyD7 years ago
I peel from the stem end!
Wait, you peel your bananas?
Certainly not! Prot had it right in K-Pax :P
awkrin7 years ago
I've eaten a banana exactly like that a few minutes ago. I can say that's a habit adopted from monkeys!
Werth7 years ago
There is a way to eat bananas besides this?
i felt really stupid sitting in my room trying to shoot a banana from between my feet into my mouth when my mom came in, im 12
nerfer1927 years ago
I sont particulary like bananas, but good and funny instuctables. my sister and grandpa like bananas so i'll tell them this.
fungus amungus (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
whoa! who woke up on the wrong side of the caps lock this morning?
Is that banana fresh from a tree?
No I did not but that comment made me mad.
grumpy17 years ago
I thought this is how bananas are eaten -human style- (or any style for that matter).
Works great! Thanks for the tip.
Jayse1967 years ago
y'know, I never even knew you *could* eat it this way...I'll have to try it sometime.
DrThousand7 years ago
Yeah, my wife eats them wrong, too.
Sensai7 years ago
this is cool, but I wanna learn how to eat bananas like King Louis in the Jungle Book: Squeeze them with your feet and shoot them out! Mmmm.....if only.....
w0t Sensai7 years ago
Practice makes perfect..! :-)
i love the music in that part of the movie, but now i have this urge to watch it again. heh. let the good times roll..
i now have the urge to buy a video player (threw out most of my vhs tapes wen it broke but saved jungle book for some reason) and watch king louis while trying to eat like him!! lol
majjck7 years ago
cool, i feel stupid that i never tried this
zikman7 years ago
uh... I grew up doing it this way and, unknowingly, thought that everybody ate a banana like this. white people surprise me every day!
Wait a minute... Do you mean 'orang putih'
Me too...
Ribs zikman7 years ago
Dude it wasn't white people who gave us the idea of eating bananas it was monkeys and their all covered in hair so it doesn't really make a difference.
Ribs Ribs7 years ago
no offence intended i am just pointing this out.
Grew up this way too, how can you else peel them? By splitting them in the middle or?
Man, I hope you really are black. Either way, still a racist comment.
nah, not black. I'm brown (middle-eastern if it matters) it was tongue-in-cheek mostly, as is the way of the Internet. didn't mean to offend, if I did.
Fair enough!
thebboy7 years ago
wow, all this over a simple instructable on a banana. i guess anything's possible.
Valche7 years ago
Wow, I never knew that that end was in fact the top.
gnomination7 years ago
hmm interesting.apparently I was the only one in my family who DIDN'T know about this..they left me out =(
they always do
this is how my granpa peels bananas
+oMÁs_7 years ago
ok i see.
must admit, I did it with the stem up too. Did'nt see that big a difference.
So the only innovative stuff is in step 2. Step 5 really made me wonder.
+oMÁs_7 years ago
Could someone please post an instructable or at least a hint on how they have been eating banana's previously instead? I can't imagine any other way of eating it; and no, I'm not a monkey.
You grab the stem (facing upwards) and use your other hand to hold the rest of the banana. Then you pull the stem slightly downwards, and the top splits. Continue peeling
I wont post an instructable about it but we generally peel from the other side.
VogelYogel7 years ago
That's a weird way to peel a banana. I thought you were going to have so0me pictures of you sort of holding the banana in a gorilla-like way, and stuffing it in your mouth. Oh well. This is really "How to peel a banana like a monkey"
Pat-Rich7 years ago
wow.....thats alot of comments. its a banana
static7 years ago
I'm at a loss to understand why it make a difference from what end you peel a banana from. I suppose the apes do it this way because their ancestors found it easier this way I guess many of us are far enough away removed from the apes, it really doesn't matter how we peel it. Any way the instructable was good for what it set out to teach. Really doesn't matter if some of use will not change our ways does it? ;)
Haha this is awesome. For those who don't know, me and many others always (now I don't, I do it like a monkey xD) grab the long stem, pull it down, smush half of the banana, and squeeze it out.
I've never been able to open a banana the "correct way" the method in this instructable is way easier
Same here.
workislove7 years ago
So, the only different is that you peel from the "top" instead of the stem? I haven't had too much trouble with the stem method myself. I would try it now, but my bananas are still green, but I'll give it a go when they ripen.
farha7 years ago
I usually eat my bananas upside down like a lady, not like a monkey because i am a human being, blessed with the gift of humanliness. but i like apples. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was under the impression that monkeys just bit off the end.
cofosho7 years ago
May I recommend washing your hands before eating the banana? That or just don't use your hand to touch the fruit. All sorts of nasties can get on the banana peel, including mammal feces (like da monkeys), other bacteria and pesticides.
This is very interesting... because never in my life have I ever noticed I've been eating the banana upside down... when this whole time the answer has been in front of me (the universal sign for a banana peel shows what it looks like after you eat it with this method).
One time I saw a monkey just stuff his face without even peeling the bannana
roosta7 years ago
ive always eaten bananas like this.. how do people normally eat them then?
maroofh roosta7 years ago
I usually snap the top part of the banana off and hold the banana while i eat it.
I like to slice my bananas before I peel them.
big-jamie7 years ago
is it starange that ive always ate a banana liek this ? lol
I seen people take a knife and slice them in half. lazy people...
JZweige7 years ago
fishhead4557 years ago
FLATULATIONS--Now I know more than I ever wanted to know about eating a banana. (But, just like all the other bored readers...I shall try it as soon as I find a banana)...Does anybody here have a job?
Cornflower7 years ago
This is the first I've found of other people who peel like this--I've been doing it for years, extolling its benefits when others give me the weird look, but have yet to have any takers. Note that this way avoids the hard stem really mushing the fruit inside.
Fondots7 years ago
this one girl i know peels bananas this way, and none of us had ever seen anyone do it that way before so, naturally, we teased her about it, but now i see that there are other people who do it this way, wow...
htwarren7 years ago
Peeling bananas this way also eliminates those little stringy bits you have to pick off (if you're picky, like me).
phildavi7 years ago
It's the absolutely correct way to eat the banana.Hold in your left hand, peel with the right and directly take bites.Do not use your right fingers to break it and pop it into your mouth as it's unhygienic.The banana is naturally packaged,untouched by human hands.
solo.card7 years ago
Ugh bananas... Why anyone would want to eat one of these vile things I do not know! Nice instructable though!
jdm167 years ago
Does not everone eat a banana like this?
Legend7 years ago
How odd that the humans developed a different method... It probably seems the easiest way to open a banana, not thinking ahead about having a convenient handle or anything...Monkeys are therefore superior.
robot7977 years ago
I love bananas, I eate them (I don't sleep with them) but i love them
bowmaster7 years ago
I went and got a banana just to try this!!!MMMM Banana rules!!!
fungus amungus (author)  bowmaster7 years ago
I did the exact same thing when I first heard about this. I had to know!
i thought they just crapped in their hands and threw it at people
Exactly what I was thinking!
Bran7 years ago
Really! I always thought they broke the banana peel in the middle. Ah, thanks for setting me straight! Makes me want to eat a banana.... Nice iBle!
fungus amungus (author)  Bran7 years ago
Some do it that way as well. I was thinking about putting that in, but I only had one banana today.
That's the way the chimps I knew did it (I used to work with a circus) - just spilt one of the seams in the middle on the convex side and it pops right out. They tend to use their teeth, but nails work too! ;-)
Myself JennyB7 years ago
Nails are the secret to easy opening at the stem end, too. A little jab with a thumbnail before popping the top means no squished flesh inside! I'm a perfectionist. (I also break, rather than bite, the flesh off as I eat. That way, no teeth have touched the remaining portion, and it's sanitary to share or store.)
Calling the inside of a banana the "flesh" makes it really gross to me. :(
then you wouldn't want to know about the flesh of the nuts, apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, onions, garlic, and so forth, eh?

-doing my share to gross people out _
beat me to the punch
I one time punched a banana!!!!
yup I definitely used to think, until this day, that they ate the peel.
icedog5157 years ago
so THATS how they would peel apples so cleanly.
dpocius7 years ago
I seem to remember that, after peeling the banana, you can split it lengthwise into thirds by gently worrying the center of the end with a forefinger, and the banana will "fracture" down its length into three parts. A way to share a banana with two friends, what? Makes the banana look Martian (think of the original movie, "War of the Worlds").
gardenwife7 years ago
All this time, I've been peeling them upside-down. Fun instructible - thanks!
cthootie7 years ago
That's cool, but it must be an Old World Monkey. Mine (a Wooley Monkey) ate bananas from the middle out quite messy, but effective. I'll have to teach this to the Kids. Rgds
Hilarious, a genuine ape like peeling action. I would never have noticed the differences in how humans do it...
eabindas7 years ago
I have always had problems opening bananas by the stem. so I tried this way & it opened first try. awesome! :)
SteamKit7 years ago
This is neat! I love this kind of thing. Taking a simple action and doing it well!
jaysbob7 years ago
gahh I finished my last banana just before reading this instructable D: I also have to agree that you've never really had a good banana until you've had a brown banana (not rotten, but no sign of green left)
Kiteman7 years ago
It's fun eating bananas "the other way up", though, simply because of the confused looks you get from other people.

It adds greatly to the experience if you smile broadly and say ook.
Makaaberi7 years ago
I guess I'm a natural born monkey, 'cause that's the way I've always eaten my bananas. Yay!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
Yay Bananas!!!!!
Just tried it with the fifth 'nanner from my bunch. Nice! The other four 'nanners are bound for 'nanner bread-dom, when I get around to it. I'll probably use this new-found monkey skill for peeling them too. Note: Some people advocate smoking the skins, or having carnal relations with them. Thanks for choosing the composting option.
I just ate one likes this, and here's my review:

At first, the position feels awkward to hold, having it bending towards you like that, but as soon as I opened it up (very easily) all my doubts were gone. The only thing I didn't like was that the bottom that "There's no fumbling or trying to get the last bit out, it just happens easily and naturally." fell out of the banana when there was about an inch and a half left. Apparently it's too easy to retrieve.

I give it a thumbs up =]
Awesome. Glad you tried it.
el eliel7 years ago
I eat them from the bottom. If done right, I don't get anything on me. Also, this avoids the brown pointy thing that grew into the original flower part. I also learned this when I was a very young child from chimpanzees.
budsiskos7 years ago
thats how ive been taught to peel bananas
inquisitive7 years ago
Ooo Oo Oooo (that's the closest I can get to a monkey thanks) I will try this next time
This is the way my parents taught me how to peel bananas. I thought everyone used this method.
fungus amungus (author)  Paetzer Sawze7 years ago
I think you're the exception. When I mention this to people they often give me a weird look and many even refuse to try it out.
I just ran out of bananas. :( But I'll try this next time. Though I'm normally pretty good at getting all of the yummyness out of the peel.
crestind7 years ago
I like my bananas more green and peeled from the other end, thank you very much. :P
Nice! I'd try it out now...but I've only got one banana, and i'm saving it for breakfast. But i'll definitely try and remember it for tomorrow.
I never knew there was a right way to eating bananas.
I just eat them. :P
D'oh! I just ate a banana the "wrong" way....I should have checked my 'ibles RSS feed before eating that banana!
fungus amungus (author)  T3h_Muffinator7 years ago
Go get another one!