How to Eat a Cupcake





Introduction: How to Eat a Cupcake

Summer time and birthday parties can pose us with many challenges, not the least of which comes in the form of the Ridiculous Cupcake.  Here I'll show you some quick cupcake kung fu to help you out of these embarrassing situations.

I love cupcakes.  I don't love frosting. But too often, store-bought cupcakes are far to dry to enjoy without the aid of buttercream. 

So how in the world is the average person expected to navigate a standard sized cupcake with a mountain of frosting precariously perched atop??  Some techniques might include taking one bite of cake, and one bite of frosting.  Another might be to try and rotate bites so as to get the perfect ratio of frosting to cake.  Inevitably, these methods lead to unintentional sugar overload or a sad mound of frosting at your feet.

Here's a technique I learned on the interwebs about how to manage a monster cupcake without tears.

Step 1: Disrobe and Dismember

Remove all of the non-edible parts of your cupcake.  This includes the wrapping and whatever plastic whirligigs have been embedded.

Step 2: Bifurcate

Procure a knife or cutting implement of some sort, and cut that cake across the middle.

Step 3: Invert

Flip the top half of the cupcake over, sandwiching the inhuman amount of icing in between the layers of cake.

Step 4: Eat

Now you've got a perfect (or at least manageable) cupcake sandwich - even amounts of cake and icing in every sloppy bite!  While the bite itself might be larger than you're comfortable with, at least you're not left with a giant mound of frosting on a tiny island of cake that no one wants to eat.



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I can't believe I've never thought of this before, now my new favorite method! 5 stars!

Ok, this is awesome!!! Audrey and you have some kind of competition? LOL!

na eat it whole

this is a brilliant idea, 5 stars

this is the ONLY way to eat a cupcake. i have been doing it for years and years.

This is AWESOME!

I do this all the time, but I don't use a knife to cut the cake in half. I simply twist off the bottom of the cake and plop it on top of the icing.. Most come off fairly evenly this way.

That looks painful.

OH man.... I might need to make a midnight run for cupcakes here shortly. *Drools*