You've probably been doing it wrong this whole time. Quit wasting precious food!

Step 1: Find an Apple

Find a ripe apple of your choice. Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, McIntosh, Fuji, ...any kind will do! Don't forget to wash the apple before eating!

Step 2: Eat the Bulk of the Apple

Begin biting into the apple. Eat until there is just a core remaining.

Step 3: Eating the Core

Remove the stem. Continue to eat the apple. Don't eat the seeds!

Step 4: Almost Finished...

One more bite...

Step 5: Finished!

Yay!!! You have successfully eaten an apple without being wasteful. Way to go!!!

Wow... Guess I've really been doing it wrong my whole life.
<p>What did you do the background with? Looks like a tshirt!</p>
<p>I used a bed sheet and some tacks. If you want to go above and beyond you could even iron the sheet (unlike me). I've also seen people use white paper on a roll as a background. Just remember, lighting is important.</p>
<p>You are very thorough! </p><p>Why not just munch up the seeds and stem for the full effect? :)</p>
<p>I'm guessing it's because of the cyanide. Though I ate apple seeds as a child and I'm still breathing. </p>
<p>Very nicely done. :)</p>

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