In this Instructable I will show you how to shoot an animation in Stop Motion Pro v7 using the Rotoscope feature, and how to edit a video into you animation using the Chromakey feature in Adobe Premiere

Rotoscope in Stop Motion Pro v7 will sync a video from the first frame with your animation from the first frame. Every time you shoot a new frame for your animation your video will move in a frame too. This makes animating a lot easier because it takes you won't have to guess how the model moves, and for how long the movements should be.

Chromakey in Adobe Premiere allows you to remove a green screen background into any video you make in Premiere. In this vase an animation. What makes this feature so special is that you can edit an animation so it looks like you're having a conversation with your animated model.

Step 1: Materials

What you'll need is:

A green screen


Plenty of lights to light your green screen

A camera that shoots the same amount of frames as your animation

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Audition (or another sound recording program)

Stop Motion Pro v7 (or another stop motion animation program)

A camera to shoot the animation with

A model or action figure to animate (the more articulated its joints are the better the animation will be)

A set to shoot your animation on

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