If you're like me,(and live in the south)you always carry a knife around.And when you find a good one,you want to keep it as long as possible!
In this isntructable,I Will demonstrate the correct,non-damaging,and preserving way to clean a knife.

Step 1: Tools

For this instructable,you will need:
the knife you need clean;
and a car detailing tool(or an old toothbrush)
i always carry a knife with me except in schools airports and other secure places
i carry mine at school<br><br><br> go homeschooling!!!
i think i have two of those...hard ta say...i have soooo many knives, deciding which knife to carry is like a woman choising her footware lol
&nbsp;i've got the same knife
I have this same knife too lol.
man this works good!!!
Will this work with swords?
I have that same knife also, although the blade is coming loose on it. Does anyone know how to tighten it?
there should be a spot to put a allen wrench right next to the blade on hte handle so just tighten it until its secrure but still opens and closes easy
bad pics
Ive got that same knife I bought it two years ago.
I have that knife too got it at Walmart in Mass
yeah, me too bet the locks already stopped working on mine.

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Bio: Southern musician and tinkerer with too much time on his hands.
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