Have you ever wondered what to do with all those dyed eggs on Easter? Ever want to liven up a party? Why not have an Egg Battle! And no this is not throwing eggs at each other.

Step 1: Things You Need

Okay all you need is:

Some Hard-boiled Eggs

And two or more people

Step 2: The Egg Holding Pose

Now just follow the pictures to get in the correct pose to hold the egg.

Step 3: Time to Battle!

Now for the battle. First firmly plant your elbow on the table (or whatever surface you're playing on) and make sure your wrist is touching the your opponents wrists. Then on the count on the 3 you lightly tap your opponents egg until one egg breaks. The last egg that is not broken wins!

Some ground rules are:

No hard Hits
No Smashing eggs with hands
And don't forget to Have fun!

playing it without an egg.<br><br>WINNING!

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