I am making a new Christmas Stocking and I wanted to use the Janome 350E Embroidery machine at TechShop to machine embroider the name it.  This Instructable will describe how to set up the machine to embroider a word or words with a set of embroidery letters  purchased online.

You will need the following:
• Your fabric. In this case the piece for the top of the stocking.
• A piece of stabilizer. Stabilizer prevents the stitching from puckering the fabric.
• A sharp sewing machine needle
• Machine embroidery thread. Rayon is slightly shinier than Polyester but much more expensive.  I got mine at http://www.metroemb.com/store/
• Design files on a flash drive
• A threaded bobbin

Step 1: File Setup

I choose to buy letters online as I wanted some fancy, fat letters. The standard options that came with the machine were too skinny. I bought mine at http://www.kayelee.net/

Kayelee sent me a zipped file that contained a separate file for each letter and number.

Make a folder on your flash drive called EmbF5 . Place a folder inside that folder called MyDesign. (No Space) Copy the design files that you purchased inside that folder.
Very nice Xmas stocking. Does it seem like the &quot;N&quot; might be upside down? Maybe that's just me. :) <br>

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