Picture of How to Enter Share the Love: The 2008 Valentine's Day Speed Contest
Results are up - check out the winners!

Valentine's Day is almost here, so we're having a speed contest to celebrate.
Show us something lovely and special, and win some custom chocolate Robot candy or Instructables gear!

There are many people who want to express their feelings for another, but don't know how to do it without buying something expensive. These people need your help!

They might just get a Valentine's Day card and call it a day, but we all know that something handmade, something truly from the heart, means so much more. So share a Valentine-themed Instructable with the rest of the world and help others make the day special.

As a special Valentine's Day prize, we'll be giving away handmade candies featuring the Instructables Robot, cast from high-quality chocolate. The Ratings, Pageviews, and Random winners will also receive a t-shirt and the acrylic positives that were used to make the chocolate mold so you can make Robot chocolates of your own!

You have until February 24, 2008 11:59 pm PST to enter the contest. Since Valentine's Day is a week away and a few people have already posted Valentine-themed Instructables, all entries posted February 1, 2008 are eligible.

Since this is a short contest we're letting the audience judge!
Find the entries here and rate your favorite projects so we know what you like. Vote for as few or as many as you like - it's up to you. Only positive votes will count in this contest! We're not including ballot stuffing or negative votes, so please exercise good sportsmanship.

We'll judge based on the standings at noon PST on Thursday, February 28, 2008 so everyone will have time to check out and vote on even the latest entries. Results will be posted shortly thereafter.

How to Enter

- Make a sweet Valentine's Day project and post it on Instructables.
- Add it to the Share the Love group by 11:59pm PST, Sunday February 24, 2008.


Rating Prizes:
The five Instructables with the highest ratings will win a chocolate Robot heart.
The Instructable with the highest rating will also receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt and the acrylic positive so you can make your own chocolate mold.

Page Views Prize:
The Instructable with the greatest number of pageviews will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt, a chocolate Robot heart, and the acrylic positive so you can make your own chocolate mold.

Random Prize:
We'll conduct a random drawing from the remaining pool of entries, and one lucky winner will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt, a chocolate Robot heart, and the acrylic positive so you can make your own chocolate mold.


Only projects posted during the contest period are eligible. If you've already submitted a suitable Instructable, make another iteration with improvements and submit it to the contest! Post an improved version of someone else's Instructable with a link back to your source of inspiration!

We're looking for neat and creative projects, so let your imagination run wild.

Project Submission Start Date: February 1, 2008.
Project Submission Deadline: 11:59pm PST, Sunday February 24, 2008.
Audience Judging Deadline: noon PST, Thursday, February 28, 2008.

Fine Print:
You can only win one prize per contest, but may enter as many projects as you like and cross-post to other contests!

International entries are eligible - we're happy to ship prizes abroad.

If you're under 18, go ahead and submit your project - we'll just need your parents' OK if you win.
Kiteman7 years ago
I've just noticed, there seem to be a lot of ... odd entries in the contest...

A fuel cap, a "Glock", wasps, a paperclip man, a glider, a hookah, battery storage, a logo on a knife, lighting cigarettes from the mains...

I know that they get filtered out later, but people, please - don't check every box on the screen when you write an Instructable
i agree. please, read what your entering and enter into the correct contest(s)
dan budsiskos7 years ago
sure, but i think the moderators should also remove inappropriate entries before asking everyone to vote.
reedz7 years ago
Hmm...if they took the photo of the chocolate already....How old does that make it when it is packed and shipped to the winner's doorstep? If I happen to win...will I enjoy month old chocolate? OF COURSE I WOULD!
Heh... that's the first batch. We'll make more when people win.
so, who ate the first batch?
clank11087 years ago
Cool!!! Wish I can do one, but I don't got any good ideas. I was going to do a chocolate covered strawberry, but someone did it already......oh well.
darkmuskrat7 years ago
:'( I am so close to completing a "Companion cube ottoman" but sadly my sewing machine broke so its on an indefinite hiatus...sorry yall, seems i cant enter this for now :'(
joni5147 years ago
this looks like fun
bmlbytes7 years ago
Maybe someone should resubmit the Boobs in a Boxinstructable for this one.
whatsisface7 years ago
Awesome, I had a feeling you were going to have one of these :-) I'm thinking something blinky :D
Maybe an AVR revamp of my shirt - and a way to mass produce them? (collab?)
Hmm... I'm a PIC man myself :D Depends if I get time with schoolwork etc...
CameronSS7 years ago
I just need to teach myself lost-wax casting... No more hints!
simple,all you do is get some casting materials together,wax,plaster,grog,a kiln,a furnace,some simple tools ,a crucible, some metal and a place to do it. i would need to know what level of skill you have i,e, can you mix plaster ,do you have experience in using propane gas,i.e gas pressures ,regulator capacities and burner control. also with the burn out ,which is where you melt the wax from your mould, you need a pretty well insulated kiln that can reach 800 degrees . there are some good books available as well,just google ; diy casting or backyard foundry's,good luck.paul
Oh, you mean you expected me to do it by the book? You make me laugh... In this house, we solder like we're supposed to. We cheat on everything else.
ll.137 years ago
Wow, robot has a heart! =)
darkmuskrat7 years ago
Nice, this is perfect for an instructable im about to finish... :D no hints.
Brennn107 years ago
So many contests!! I gotta get thinking!
Yes. There may be one more coming soon, but it is rather... specialized.
How will the chocolate get sent to our house? Won't it melt or get all nasty?
Awesome, another contest. ;-) I had a feeling too that there was going to be a contest on this. Got to make something, a lot of things, better get to work!