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Winners announced! See who won here.

Attention yoyo enthusiasts!

Want to win a $350 limited edition BSP yoyo from Anti-Yo, before it hits the market?

Instructables is teaming up with Anti-Yo for the Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest, so pull out your video camera and get to work!

Simply post a 30-second video of your best tricks, along with a bit of advice on how to successfully pull them off, and you could win one of only 60 BSP yo-yos ever made, or a $100 gift certificate from yoyoguy.com or yoyonation.com along with some Instructables gear. The BSP won't even be in stores until the end of February so unless you work for Anti-Yo this is your first chance to get your hands on this titanium beauty.

Anti-Yo has been putting out high-quality yo-yos for the past couple years and the BSP continues their fine tradition of craftsmanship. The BSP is made from titanium with one half coated in zirconium nitrate. The BSP has a Difeo brand Konkave bearing for smoothness and iPads for response. With only 60 of these out there this is indeed a limited edition.

So how do you win it?
What we want to see from you is a 30-second video of your best tricks along with a bit of advice on how to pull one of them off. The advice goes into the text box below the video, so you don't have to worry about crazy voice-overs. You can enter two videos into the contest. Read down the page for more details.

Since Instructables does not host videos, the video must be posted on another video hosting site first. The list of possible sites includes YouTube, yoyoing.com, Google Video, and others . You can see the full list of sites when you start a new video. After it's hosted you will use the embed code to place it onto Instructables.

This is a speed contest so you only have two weeks to get your video in. Don't sleep on this one -- practice hard, and show us what you've got!


Grand prize (1)
One limited-edition titanium' BSP yo-yo from Anti-Yo and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

First Prize (2)
$100 gift certificate from yoyoguy.com or yoyonation.com and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Second Prize (5)
Robot patch and stickers from Instructables and stickers from Anti-Yo .

Random Prize (1)
One entry selected at random will win a robot patch and stickers from Instructables and stickers from Anti-Yo .


Judging will be done by Kiya and Sonny from Anti-Yo . While the staff at Instructables are looking forward to seeing all of the entries into the competition, we are happy to leave the judging on this one to the experts.

All contest entries will be judged for merit. Judges will evaluate each Instructable for the following:
- Creativity
- Technical skill
- Usefulness of tip

We'll announce the winners on or around Monday, 4 March 2008.

How to Enter

1. Download the contest PDF by clicking on the button below and print it.

2. Make a video of yourself doing tricks. The video must start with a close-up of the printout for a few seconds so it's readable. The rest of the time is completely up to you. You can shoot it all in one take or edit it later and even use slo-mo. Just don't go over 30 seconds.

Note: If you don't have access to a printer, you can put this image in the beginning with your video editor or shoot footage of the image on your computer screen.

3. Upload the video to your preferred video hosting site.

4. Submit your video to the site. Under "Submit" on the menu you'll see "New Video." Click that or just click here.

5. Enter in a descriptive title and add some description in the text box below. You don't need to say it's a contest entry in the title since it'll be entered into the contest later. Something along the lines of "YoYo Trick: Cat's Cradle plus more" will work.

6. The one requirement in the text is that you offer some advice on at least one of the tricks that you show in the video, making sure that it's obvious which trick you're talking about. If you actively participate on a yo-yo forum, you can mention the forum name and your username.

7. Publish the video and click on the contest checkbox to enter it in the contest. You can do it all one more time or just relax and wait to see the results. If you want to change some text, you can edit your entry by clicking the "Edit" button on the top right of the page.

Publish a yo-yo video on Instructables between Saturday, 9 February 12:01 am PST and Saturday, 1 March 2008 at 11:59 pm PST and add it to the Anti-Yo Contest group. Only videos published within these dates are eligible. You may submit up to two (2) videos.

Additional Information

International entries are accepted. It is a worldwide challenge isn't it? You win it, you get the BSP, plain and simple. If you're a runner-up, you get a gift certificate and it's the same story.
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penchina7 years ago
check out the yoyo wiki, a great resource for this:
YoYo Wiki
The winners... they haven't been posted yet?
its now a few days later... still not posted
Yes sir! *Marches out.*
thebboy7 years ago
my yoyo sort of stopped working correctly. i'll throw a sleeper and it wiill just unwind itself and and just stop. won't even keep spinning or comeback to me. is it the frictions stickers, the string, the spacers, the ball bearings, maybe i'm just a retard, or what?
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
try the string is it wound around the axle when thrown a sleeper? that may be the problem
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
i'm not sure, but i ordered a new one anyways so ya
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
can you send me the broken one?
my bro is saying nono stop i also want a yoyo to do your cool tricks =[=]
have a nice day =]
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
gee, i don't think it's gunnna fix cuz i looked over it and i think i'm missing a piece. ya. and thanks.
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
can i just have the parts left please? what part do you miss
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
actually, i worked with my dad and we figured out that it was the string and friction stickers (like you said) and we got new string and wrapped it around the axle the correct way and we're gunna order new friction stickers. ya, now i have 2 exactly the same yoyos (execpt for color) that one is now fairly unresponsive.
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
sweet dude unresponsive seems nice to me but my yoyo can do it becuz its crappy
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
earn thirty dollars, then look here to get a nice one. you might also want some string, and extra friction stickers
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
earn thirty dollars?? dude i need 57 to buy that (shipping cost) and that sukx cant you just send me 1 of yours? :P
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
sorry, but no. my dad is gunna use that one, really sorry
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
no problem =]
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
yaaaaaaa! we cool?
Hey that's my thing to say!
since when?
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
wait a minute, mine cost 37 dollars total, so how can that same yoyo cost 57 dollars? i got both mine for 37 bucks
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
im in holland (europe)
thebboy dunnos7 years ago
oh. sorry
dunnos thebboy7 years ago
no problem
thebboy7 years ago
have you judged yet? where or when will they announce the prize winners?
thebboy7 years ago
wait, we can enter no matter what our age as long as our parents agree apon it, right, cuz i'm only 12
well in the terms thing that you are suppose to read when signing up says you have to be at least 13 to use this site so i dont know...im sure lots of kids under 13 do do this cause people are just to lazy to read the terms
well,maybe i did lie about my age. BUT IT WAS JUST ONE YEAR! and besides, what are the chances of me winning anything anyway?
dunnos7 years ago
instead of holding a printout? can i edit it in?
how do i know if my videos are entered in the contest ?
If yo go to the contest page, you can see them in there. Right now yours are in the recently added section.

clickdeath7 years ago
Let's hope Yuuki doesnt enter :P
who is that
that video is great! Here, you can show youtube videos in comments.

and thats the reason why we pray he doesn't enter, cuz then we'r all screwed...
I understand your concern
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