Step 14: Fin

Picture of Fin
The potential of this particular system appears to be pretty robust. We done a few other experiments including a game of four-sqaure in the Matrix using live video in the two cameras on the end. Ill try to upload an example... but we've just scratched the surface.

To view an example of the animations created for the video go here:

Or on Vimeo here:

You can see how Dan used this system in the Styles P video on Yo MTV Raps or by clicking [here:http://videos.onsmash.com/v/4jylXUGElxGgycqg here]

So go ahead, take the red pill, use ubuntu, share torrents, contribute your idea to this technology, listen to rap. Hip hop saves lives. Repeat after me: "I got an open spirit hacker period!"

Shout outs from the GRL:
Big ups to Dan, Al and Bob who had the idea for and made most of the rig, 2esae for art directing most of the writing, Donna for shooting a lot of these photographs. Team G.R.L. ->Fi5e, Q-Branch, Borna, Bennett, West Coast Evan, Nate Nasty, Chris H, All City Crew, and especially Large Pro, who besides being hella cool and giving Borna the hat off his head, came back a month later to help raise money for 2esae's legal troubles, Styles P for letting us get involved in his business, Eyebeam for unknowingly allowing us to film portions of the video in the building and Brooklyn for being the original Ghetto Matrix. Free Every Graffiti Writer IN NYC. Peace.
jiffycoil3 years ago
Brilliant work!
micronxd7 years ago
Wow.... you guys have done outdone urselves again! I friggin love it!