Step 8: Setting Up the Rig

At this point it's just a matter of setting it all up. Once you have a location picked out just screw the light stands into the platform. Screw down the cameras. A level is helpful in order to get the entire system even, however, in the end as long as it looks good through the view finders you are ok. Repeat the same steps you used when first positioning the cameras: put a person or object at the position where the action will be taking place, and adjust the pan and height of the cameras as needed.

Look through the cameras at the end of the arc and determine how much of the rig is visible in the frame. To avoid seeing the actual rig in the shot cut a black sheet that will cover the rig from the top to the floor. Tape the sheet to the rig and pull it over the cameras letting it hang down to the floor. Cut holes for every camera you intend to cover and pull the lenses through. Make sure you are not covering any auto-focusing elements of the cameras if you plan to use auto-focus (See photos below).