Step 9: Connecting All the Cameras

Picture of Connecting All the Cameras
Make sure the cameras are loaded up with empty SD cards and if possible manually set the camera to start numbering files from 0. This will help tremendously in the editing process when you are trying to piece all the footage back together.

Check the settings on the cameras to ensure that they are all powered on, set to bulb, w/ no zoom, and all have the same settings (eg. ISO, exposure, etc.). Plug in all of the remote cable releases into the corresponding cameras via the usb connector and attach the camera release cables to the control box. First connect the camera control conductor from each cable to the corresponding screw-down terminal. Make sure when you are making the cables to use a label maker or tape and a sharpee to label each cable and the screw-down terminal blocks if you intend to trigger each camera separately. Next attach the power bundle from all the release cables to the power connector on the control box. Test the system by quickly triggering all the cameras to wake them up and take a photo with each camera individually to make sure they are connected in order and properly functioning. Check each camera to make sure it is in the correct mode and has the proper bulb and lighting settings.