How to Enter the Instructables, MAKE, and PopSci DIY Halloween 2007 Contest!


Go to the 2009 Halloween contest and enter to win one of dozens of prizes in six categories!

Results are up!

Halloween is our favorite day of the year, so we've joined up with PopSci, MAKE, [http://www.craftzine Craft], and our friends at American Science & Surplus and Cool Neon to run a mega-contest we're calling DIY Halloween!

Halloween is the perfect maker holiday: an excuse to decorate and make costumes, carve pumpkins and throw fantastic parties. A day for the ghoulish and gruesome, for the gross and fantastic. A day for testing out your roof-busting T-Rex, building an LED Throwie Rat, serving up a toddler toddy, or seeing exactly how far you can hurl a flaming pumpkin.

Halloween is the best time of year to be the friend who can sew and decipher patterns, weld, glue, tape, or find stuff in dumpsters. Check out the 2006 contest winners or MAKE's Halloween edition if you need some inspiration!

Whatever your taste, DIY Halloween is all about making the holiday your own. Simply build something awesome, and we'll help you share it!

Just add your Instructable to the DIY Halloween 2007 group. We've got several categories, and your project may qualify for one or all of them- our judges will decide.

To make it even easier to join the party, we're also accepting your stand-alone pictures and videos! This gives you more ways to win even if you can't document the whole project.

All entries, including Instructables, photos, and videos, are eligible for the main prizes! The more detailed your entry, the more likely you are to win- if you can do an Instructable, you should. The Photo & Video Exclusive prizes are only open to (surprise!) photographs and videos.


Grand Prize: A trip to the 2008 Maker Faire in San Mateo, CA! Includes airfare, hotel, and tickets for one lucky winner! Also, your choice from the First Prize packages!

First Prize: one (1) winner in each category
Choose from three prizes:
- Makita 18V Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2" Driver Drill Kit
- Wusthof Classic Hollow-Ground Santoku Set of 7" and 4" knives, Wusthof Classic 9" Bread Knife, and a sharpener
- Cool Neon EL Wire kit!

Plus a $50 gift certificate from American Science & Surplus, a limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Second Prize: two (2) winners in each category
A $50 gift certificate from American Science & Surplus, a limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Third Prize: three (3) winners in each category
A limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

Pictures & Video Exclusive: two (2) winners in each category
A limited-edition Instructables Halloween pumpkin t-shirt and stickers, the MAKE category prize, and a copy of MAKE's Halloween edition.

MAKE category prizes:
Hack-O-Lantern: MAKE warranty voider or MAKE bomb defuser leatherman tool.
Costumes: DIY Laptop bag by Skooba and year one or year two of MAKE.
Food: a year of Craft and a sushi wallet kit.
Decorations, Haunted House, Gadgets & More: MAKE controller kit for First and Second prizes, a MAKE t-shirt for the Picture & Video prizes.


Hack-o-Lantern Contest: grab the nearest pumpkin (real or faux) and get to work. These make great photo entries, but if you do something especially inspired it could be turned into a full Instructable!

Costume Contest: show off your homemade costume. Whether it's freshly sewn, repurposed, or assembled from your last dumpster-diving trip, we want to see it. Again, this could be a great photo entry or a full Instructable.

Gadgets and Decorations Contest: show us how you made your surroundings spooky, take some pictures and video, and show us how it's done.

Food Contest: The grosser the better! What if you served this at your Halloween party and nobody ate it? Well, we'd probably give you a prize!
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I'm surprised. No transformers costumes. Maybe i should enter mine.
ok. but my transformer is not in the movie
Our entry is psuedo-transformers ;P
I like our sofa :)
Cool! Yes, please!
novelgazer7 years ago
Wait... 1/19 is a Saturday, isn't it?
I assumed it was a typo, but that's a LOONG way off... didn't it used to say 11/19?
I thought it did, too, but maybe I just assumed the 11.
I Pmed canida a while a day ago about it. Instructables is always off by they're guestimates, but it's fine.
canida gschoppe7 years ago

Yes, it was definitely a typo! ;)
I hope we don't need to wait until January for results...
Jake Turner7 years ago
Yeah, ditto with mrfixits, this contest is awesome. But, i am wondering... When will the voting results be in?
We're still judging! There were SO MANY awesome entries, it's taking a bit of time. We'll keep you posted.
gschoppe canida7 years ago
damn... I know there were a good number of instructables that trumped mine on sheer style, but i need to know who won!!! I can't eat, I can't sleep, I'm breaking my workplace's internet access restrictions, just to check the sites CONSTANTLY!!! I've gotten so anxious, that I've turned to my impressive beer collection and gone on an alcoholic binge, just to get the contest out of my head (reference to another thread)... Please, please, please judge... ... ... ... ... ... anyhow, as I was saying, take all the time you need. We'll wait patiently, being the mature and detached scientific minds that we are.
bcmins0077 years ago
gschoppe7 years ago
results ???
mrfixitrick7 years ago
I just wanted to add a big Thank-You to Instructables for doing the Halloween Contest as well as Ready-Made, Make and Pop-Sci. It's being a real blast for me...challenging and exhilarating. I can't remember having so much fun MAKING!!
laernmoer7 years ago
How does the voting for finalists happen? I've never seen any invitation for voting on the finalists before.. I'm also slightly ignorant, and often don't read mass emails from instructables.. /-:
Adalei7 years ago
It's probably already been asked, but where do we find the permission slips for those of us under 18?
canida Adalei7 years ago
If you win, we'll email you one.
Anyone know when the make fair is in 2008. I want to buy air fair right now. Thanks
jongscx7 years ago
Is a tentacle monster costume an acceptable instructable for this group?
canida jongscx7 years ago
Yes- we have a costume category.
jongscx canida7 years ago
well, it was more of the content than the category...
can you say... cthulu?
what? what does that mean?
Is your avatar not a poison headcrab?
naw dude... it's Cthulu... basically another incarnation of what some of us like to call satan... only with tentacles. So I guess it's closer to Davie Jones.
yah. it's like a demon-devil, davie jones, carzy thing from the mind of h.p. lovecraft hybrid. it's actually pretty gruesome. i'm thinking of going as it for halloween. i drew that pic. by the way.
OHHHH! Sweet! Good luck with your costume!
yaah. thanks.
:-) I Might have to enter!
whatsisface7 years ago
I'm surprised there's not been any laser cut Jack o' lanterns yet...
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