How to Enter the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger "Go Green!'' Contest

Picture of How to Enter the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger
Popular Science and TreeHugger are teaming up with Instructables to offer some great prizes and help you Go Green!


We all want to do our part to improve the environment- as everyone knows, green is the new black. Sure, sustainability is hip, trendy, and socially conscious, but what steps are you taking right now to save the planet?

We want to know how you're reducing your environmental footprint, and hopefully saving some cash in the process! Are you modding your gear, simplifying your life, or building something awesome? Tell us what you're doing to go green, and teach us how- share what you know!

You can reuse vintage floppies, make your own cloth grocery bags, build some recycled modular shelving, a sun jar, a solar heater, or a wind generator. Move onto solar energy, worm compost, or even ditch your car for an electric bike!
Need more ideas? Check out TreeHugger's great list of simple ways to Go Green, and the green coverage on PopSci.

So, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle, and rebuild, then show us what you are doing to make your life a little bit greener!

Grand Prize
The grand prize winner will receive a Breezer Liberty hybrid commuter bicycle with pedal-powered lights, a brief write-up in a future issue of Popular Science, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.

First Prize
5 first prize winners will each receive a Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger (TreeHugger review here), an Instructables robot t-shirt, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.

Second Prize
10 second prize winners will each receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science Magazine.

1. Publish your Instructable and add it to the Go Green! group from July 16th till August 19th, 2007. Only projects published within these dates are eligible.

2. Document your project thoroughly! Use great text, photos, and videos as necessary to make sure other people could replicate your Instructable.

3. We want to see a nice explanation of what you did, why you did it, and how it makes your life more eco-friendly and sustainable.

All contest entries will be judged for merit. Judges will evaluate each Instructable for the following:
  • environmental impact
  • completeness (photos and text for all important steps, video as necessary)
  • clear, concise text description including a properly summarized introduction
  • clear photographs (2+ megapixel preferred), use macro mode for close up shots
  • use of photo-notes where appropriate
  • list of parts and tools required (if appropriate)
  • safety notes (if appropriate)
  • usefulness
  • creativity
  • cost
  • technical merit

Judges from PopSci, TreeHugger, Instructables, and past contest winners will evaluate the entries by the above criteria, then vote for winners using range voting, the same system used in Olympic scoring. We'll announce the winners by Friday, 24 August 2007.

Helpful Links:
How to create a great Instructable
How to add an Instructable to a group
How to embed video into Instructables
Explore popular Instructables
Take a tour of Instructables

Additional Information
You must be 18 or older to enter. If you are under 18, you can still enter, but to win you will need to verify that you had the permission of a parent or guardian (we will have a permission slip for you). Your parent could also join you as a collaborator on your Instructable.

International entries are great! Prizes and PopSci subscriptions can be mailed world-wide.

You may enter as many different Instructables as you like, however they will be judged on individual merit and you may only win one prize per contest. An Instructable may be entered in multiple contests if it meets the relevant criteria.

Winner is responsible for any potential taxes.

WUVIE8 years ago
Well, poo. I found the link advertising the contest, clicked on it, got excited and then noticed the deadline has already come and gone.
canida WUVIE8 years ago
Check out the other contests we've got running. There's certain to be something you'd like to enter!
LowEnergy8 years ago
Here's the main results page, for your convenience in navigating back there.
Oh, yeah; should have included that. Thanks!
Kiteman8 years ago
I only just found out about the competition as well. I have an idea that might be suitable, but it's getting the time...

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canida Kiteman8 years ago
For the record, while small print is unfortunately necessary, we make great efforts to furtle (is this proper usage?) through the text to make sure there's nothing disagreeable hidden in the legalese. When we must include potentially controversial points, we carefully point it out in plain language on the first page to avoid surprises.
Kiteman canida8 years ago
:-) Yes, that's the right usage. (And, for the record, that post was meant to be a joke)
They didn't use any "BOGUS AGREEMENTS", so that was pointless. Still clever ;-)
Read "step one". (Actually, I only posted it as a joke - it's from Make Magazine's rant at small-print.
Good point, didn't see that :P I know, I loved that :D [/makefanboyism]
... didn't see that ...

That, of course, being the point. How many of us agree to stupid stuff just because we can't be bothered to read the fine print?
I know I read it at *somepoint*, I just scrolled up to see if there *were* any BOGUS AGREEMENTS, and only saw the intro page :P
fstedie8 years ago
I added mine last night, just barely made the deadline!

Wine Bottle Glasses
canida fstedie8 years ago
You're in! However: what can we do to convince you to post earlier? Waiting for the last minute is a time-honored tradition, but you run the risk of unexpected hang-ups derailing a great project. Any suggestions?
fstedie canida8 years ago
actually I only came up with the idea to do this last week. being on vacation didn't help! I wasn't going to do it at all but I decided to do it now or I wasn't going to have time later when I went back to work.
It says on my stats bar that I added my instructable Jul 15th, but on the overview page of my instructables it says it was posted Jul 26th. In the rules it says it has to be published after that date... am I OK???
yeah, you're fine. the instructable is showing the create date instead of the publish date.
hmmm i wouldnt like it if the sky was green... ironic? haha i just saw it oops im a bit late
CameronSS8 years ago
Nice cape, Robot! Lookin' sharp! I didn't even know about this contest until I got the weekly newsletter. Should it be on the main page? I may or may not enter, since I don't really need another bike. We don't have anywhere to put it without risking a scratch in that beautiful paint job.
Okay, the project's done and works great. Now to Instructablize(sp?) it.
so, the point of this is to have the most green.... ! i could enter my x-girlfreind shes irsh. very irsh lol.
... you could just make a load of stuff up about being green!...
No offense, I think that they're great, but might having four contests running at the same time be a bit much?
They're all ending at different times, so I think we should be good.
That's not the only reason.. 1. It's confusing for someone who likes to enter each contest 2. it's much more effective for getting members to have one contest than many (I can explain later, if you want) 3. And other reasons that i'm too tired to type.
Speaking for myself - no. I have not interest or ideas for the Harry Potter one. The science fair project really isn't up my alley either. But the prizes for that are so nice that i might do one if something comes to mind. This contest is perfect for a few of the projects i have in mind though.
I now have four different projects going on... one of them is for work (I have to build a table out of books.) but the rest are for instructables. I need to get going on these. But thankfully I have four days in August to build. :D
technick298 years ago
When it comes to going green and saving the world, there is no time to worry about three other ongoing contests... Great job guys, can't wait to start building!
WOWOWOW! I love the Instructables Robot's new outfit! I think that might qualify for the grand prize... just 'cause it's so awesome. GIVE THE ROBOT THE BIKE! p.s. How do you guys do it?! Four Contests at once?!