How to Enter the Instructables Fridge Magnet Challenge


Introduction: How to Enter the Instructables Fridge Magnet Challenge

Results are up!

Are the big contest deadlines too far away? Want some instant gratification? Want to win a robot t-shirt? Here's your chance!

We're running another 1-week speed contest: the Instructables Fridge Magnet Challenge!

Check out these classic fridge magnets for inspiration:
DIY Magnetic Refrigerator Words
Bubble Head Magnets
Copper Cap Refrigerator Magnets
Magnetic Fridge Lights
Make Refrigerator Magnets
Bottlecap Fridge Magnets
Hard Drive Fridge Magnets
LED Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

Then make some awesome fridge magnets, share them on Instructables, and add them to the Fridge Magnet Challenge group by 11:59pm PDT, Sunday June 10. Add the keyword "fridgemagnet_challenge" to your Instructable (you can do so after it's published by unpublishing then immediately republishing your Instructable with the additional keyword; it won't change your stats), and click on that keyword to see how yours stacks up.

Since this is a short contest, we're letting the audience judge! Find the entries here and rate your favorite projects so we know what you like. We'll judge based on the standings at noon PDT on Wednesday, June 13, so everyone will have time to check out and vote on even the latest entries. Results will be posted shortly thereafter.

Rating Prizes:
The five Instructables with the highest rating will win an Instructables Robot t-shirt.
The Instructable with the highest rating will also receive a Magnetic USB card reader kit

Page Views Prize:
The Instructable with the greatest number of pageviews will receive an Instructables Robot t-shirt and a Magnetic USB card reader kit.

Only projects posted in June 2007 are eligible. If you've already submitted a fridge magnet Instructable, make another with improvements and submit it to the contest! Post an improved version of someone else's Instructable with a link back to your source of inspiration!
We're looking for creative takes on this classic concept, so let your imagination run wild.

Project Submission Deadline: 11:59pm PDT, Sunday June 10
Audience Judging Deadline: noon PDT on Wednesday, June 13

You can only win one prize per contest, but multiple entries are fine! International entries are great, too- we're happy to ship our t-shirts abroad.



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    If anyone is worried about shiping internationally I can say no worries! I live in Lithuania and I got all my prises. ;) Instructable ship off prizes just perfectly! Thanks to Canida and Naoh. :)

    10 replies

    If I didn't know better, I would think you made that country up. :)
    Where is Lithuania, anyway?

    Mhm.... sad.... Oh, well Lithuania is small country in eastern Europe next to Poland. We have 3,000,000 people living here. A.Sabonis, Z.Ilgiauskis are playing in NBA, they are from Lithuania. A.Berankis is famous tennis player. Also we are in NATO, so you should (of course if you educated enough) know Lithuania. ;)

    Sounds like a nice place. What language do Lithuanians-Lithuanites-Lithuaners-speak? What is the plural of a resident of Lithuania? I'm not making fun of you, I'm honestly curious. :)

    Lithuanians speak Lithuanian, it is very old language, and it have really hard grammar :/ ( by the way we call Lithuania - Lietuva, like Germany - Denmark) Lithuania aren't so retarded as you think. lol. We have MTV (in our language), 3G networks are widely available and people have iphones here too... You maned resident minister? If i understanded you correctly... J. E. Audrius Brūzga is Lithuanian ambassador in USA.

    Oh, goodness no, I didn't mean Lithuanians were retarded. I'm quite sorry if I gave that impression. :) Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions about your country. Your turn to ask me some rude questions...I'll answer.:)

    Everything cool. Mhm... you say rude... List 5 worst things in USA and i will list worst thing in Lithuania. :) That should be intresting! lol.

    here goes... 5. The over indulgence attitude. 4. Homelessness 3. The world's largest ball of twine 2. Fast food 1. Drugs

    5. Praudlessness (No respect for our selves). 4. Alcohol consuption. 3. Politics 2. Influence from the east. 1. People nihilism and apathy. (Wich comes from closed society)

    Boy, we have messed up countries.:)

    But we shall try to make them better. :) P.S. I don't think there is country without problems. Mhm... maybe Vatican :D

    I forgot to add the keyword to my instructable and I can't find the "add keywords" button... maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see it. How else can I add it?

    3 replies

    OH i cant find the add keywords button either Does it exist? or is my browser not displaying it , can anyone else see it ?

    What drinkmorecoffee said. We'll make sure it's in there.

    I messaged Canida and she said it was a bug. They're working on it.

    well i believe i entered mine correctly :S doesn't seem to be popular in any way tho :( thought it was a good idea personally :D hehe . well its there for future prosperity anyway :P

    2 replies

    You never know- sometimes people wait until the entry window closes to start voting for favorites, and since it's mainly based on votes instead of pageviews it's impossible to know until the end.

    I'm confused about that on mine...two people gave it a "+" rating, but it went to a rating of +1 after the first rating, then went back to 0, and now it's still at 0. I didn't think it wasthat bad! Who disliked it that much?