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Instructables and ReadyMade magazine challenge you to take everyday items and reinvent them as something new for our Mash-Up Contest!

What's a Mash-up?
Take two seemingly-unrelated things or ideas, and combine them in a new and interesting way. Refashion household staples with sustainable materials, customize your gear in creative ways, or breathe new life into tired conventional design using salvaged goods.

Whether you go for something classic, quirky, or just plain useful, we'll consider all contenders. It doesn't have to be complicated- we're looking for neat, well-documented, creative projects that make us stop and say, "Wow, cool!"


There are loads of great Mash-Up examples, so here are just a few to get you started thinking:
Remote Control Drawer Pulls, Ballpoint Cutlery, a Reel-to-reel Coffee Table, an Aquarium Coffee Table, Make a Skirt from Neckties, and an Altoids clock.

For more inspiration, The ReadyMade Project Archive now gives you full (and free!) access to all the great projects from the magazine's back issues!


Grand Prize
One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a Coby Personal Media Player 4.3" widescreen with video recording and SD card slot, a $250 Michael's Gift Card, and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

First Prize
Two (2) First Prize winners will each receive a sewing machine (a Janome HeartTruth sewing machine or a Singer sewing machine) and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

Second Prize
Ten (10) Second Prize winners will each receive a VPX Black & Decker tool set and an Instructables robot t-shirt.

How to Enter

1. Publish your Instructable and add it to the Mash-Up Contest group from October 8, 2007 till 11:59pm PST on November 25, 2007

2. Document your project thoroughly! Use great text, photos, and videos as necessary to make sure other people could replicate your Instructable (see Official Rules)

3. Tell us what you did, why you did it, and how it works

All contest entries will be judged on the following:
a) Creativity
b) Completeness, clarity, and quality of the Instructable, meaning
  • clear, concise text description including a properly summarized introduction
  • sufficient photos and text for all important steps, video if necessary
  • clear photographs (2+ megapixel preferred), using macro mode for close up shots
  • use of photo-notes where appropriate
  • list of parts and tools required (if appropriate)
c) Technical merit

On or about 27 November 2007, judges from ReadyMade and Instructables will evaluate the entries using the above criteria.

Helpful Links:
How to create a great Instructable
How to add an Instructable to a group
How to embed video into Instructables
Explore popular Instructables
Take a tour of Instructables

Additional Information
You must be 18 or older to enter, and a legal resident of the U.S. or District of Columbia.

You may submit as many different Instructables as you like; however each entry will be judged individually and you may only win one prize in the Mash-Up Contest.
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canida7 years ago
Hey guys, it normally takes us about a week to do the judging! There were about 180 entries, and we like to do things right. ;) Look for answers next Monday or Tuesday.
Brennn10 canida7 years ago
did you mean december 10th monday?
I hope they did. Dec 10th is definitely a monday... today.... lol i can't take any more of this waiting!!!!! :)
thanks for the update! i'll check back monday :)
Its Monday, now wheres my results? :-)
canida canida7 years ago
We're done with judging, just coordinating info release with ReadyMade! Soon.
Any word on when it will be posted (tonight, tomorrow, etc)? Thanks!
December 10th
LMO canida7 years ago
I'm so friggin excited!
Brennn10 canida7 years ago
Sweet, thanks for the update!
Awesome! Do you think it will be posted tonight?
LMO canida7 years ago
Any word from the judges?
Brennn10 canida7 years ago
I'm itching in my seat!
LMO Brennn107 years ago
You shouldn't have sat in that poison ivy! But seriously - I can't wait any longer for the results! Then again, patience is a virtue......
icinnamon LMO7 years ago
I can't wait! What the heck is this thing you call "patience"????
Brennn10 canida7 years ago
Thanks for the update Christy!
awwww! Robot loves Toaster!
Brennn107 years ago
Just curious, do you have a tentative date for when the results will be posted?
I'm so excited/nervous! If they don't post it soon, I may have a heart attack :P Anyone from Instructables willing to comment on the status? Thanks!
I think tonight or tomorrow...
Tomorrow is my birthday, it would be the best to win a prize for this contest on my birthday!
argh... no results yet. lol. I'm pretty excited to see who wins the prizes.
Yea I know, I am itching in my socks!
LMO Brennn107 years ago
Where do we find the results when they're posted?
Brennn10 LMO7 years ago
Usually on the blog, as well as in the forums. You can access the blog from the bottom of the page, on the far left.
Kiteman7 years ago
"...a legal resident of the US or District of Columbia..."

Isn't DC in the US?
yes, but you may notice it isn't one of the 50 states
I'm confused - are you saying that the capital city of the United States of America isn't in one of the States that United to form America?

Wouldn't that mean you need a passport to get in and out of your own capital?

> weeble <
The District of Columbia was formed for the intent purpose of keeping the capital city distinct from the states. It does not have it's own government as states do, as it is governed solely by congress itself. While they do have a representing congressman, he's what is called an 'at-large' (or non voting) congressman. If it were a state (or made into one), a state congress would have to be formed independant of Federal Congress, and Federal Congress would have to be stripped of direct influence over it. This goes along with SFHandyman's point, that it would not be appropriate for state law to govern Federal status.
Oh, I get it.

Mind you, if I was represented by a congressman at large, I'd expect to see that phrase printed on posters, just above a picture of his face.

Just below his face it would say Reward, Dead or Alive.
It's weird: DC is in the US, but it doesn't count as a state or belong to one. I'm not totally sure how that works out, but I think that's the general idea...

LOL! - What about all those important bits of paper that start We the people of the United States of America ...? I wonder if they count in DC?
Ferrite Kiteman7 years ago
DC was made several years after the Constitution was written. I think the purpose of not having DC in a State was to not have one state say "I'm better than you because the Nations Capital is here."
I agree. More specifically, DC is a Federal area. The idea is, it is completely controlled by the Federal Government and isn't subjected to any individual State laws. It would be unfair and inappropriate for the States of Virginia or Maryland to be able to write state laws, that would govern over the Federal Government.
Kiteman Ferrite7 years ago
Ah, makes sense.
rachel Kiteman7 years ago
The USA has several other bits that aren't states: Puerto Rico and Guam spring to mind. Those are "possessions" and not all the same laws apply. I don't think DC counts as a possession but I'm not totally sure. I do know that DC does not have any congresspeople (nor do the possessions) and occasionally the inhabitants get in a snit about it, but so far nothing has been done.
Hey, Thats Totally unfair... What ever happened to the universal nature of the internet?! Why cant we "Non-Americans" be contenders?Just because im from India doesn't make me a stupid blob who cant think of anything!! Now if your Canadian....
It has to do with international liscencing law, one might assume. If they don't have the appropriate permits to give prizes in given country, then they can't. Not really their fault. Still, we'd love to see your ideas anyway.
YAAAAY! My Go Green project would work well for this one. I didn't have time to complete it and enter it into that contest. :D
loved your work on the barbie electric chair, (maybe for effect) drill her out and fill with sparkler powder in the chest.... mass mental instability.
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