How to Enter the Lion Brand Yarn Slideshow Challenge

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Winners announced. See who won!

Welcome the new year by sharing your projects and inspiration!

Instructables and Lion Brand Yarn want to help offer some encouragement to finish those lingering projects, as well as an excuse to start and show off some shiny new ones.

Share your finished projects to inspire the rest of us, and you could win a coupon for more free Lion Brand yarn, as well as some neat Instructables gear!

Simply take pictures of your project, share them in an Instructables Slideshow, and briefly explain how and why you made it! If you used a specific yarn or pattern, tell us what you chose, why you like it, and whether you'd do it differently next time.

Check out the Lion Brand patterns if you need some inspiration. You aren't required to use Lion Brand yarn, tools, or patterns to enter this contest -- Lion Brand simply wants to help you share your projects with the rest of the community!

Since this is a short contest, you can help judge!

How to Vote

Check out all the projects here, and click on the "+" ratings button in the top right-hand corner of the project page to register a vote. Vote for as few or as many as you like- it's up to you. Only positive votes count.

You can also view the projects list sorted by rating or by pageviews.

We'll judge based on the standings at noon PST on Monday, February 25, so everyone will have time to see and vote on even the latest entries!

How to Enter

-- make something (anything!) out of yarn
-- take pictures of the finished product, including a close-up, and upload them to Instructables (our Flickr uploader makes it even easier!)
-- Create a slideshow with your pictures
-- Tell us what pattern, yarn, and tools you used; bonus points for links when possible.
-- Add your slideshow to the Lion Brand Yarn group


10 slideshows will each win a $25 Lion Brand Yarn coupon, and an Instructables patch and stickers. The prizes will be awarded as follows:

-- 5 to slideshows selected by Lion Brand Yarn staff
-- 2 to the slideshows with the highest user ratings
-- 2 to the slideshows with the greatest number of pageviews
-- 1 to a randomly-chosen slideshow

Projects that catch our editors' fancy will be featured in the Lion Brand Newsletter or the Instructables Newsletter.


Project submission deadline: 11:59pm PST Sunday, 17 February 2008
Audience judging deadline: noon PST Monday, 25 February 2008
Winners announced: noon PST Wednesday, 27 February 2008

-- You may enter as many times as you like, but will win only once.
-- Only US and Canadian residents can win prizes, but the rest of you are welcome to share your projects in the contest group.
-- Entries are eligible for other Instructables contests and challenges.
-- If you're under 18 go ahead and submit your project -- we'll just need your parents' OK if you win.
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TUMCSEC7 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
canida TUMCSEC7 years ago
I'd love one too! It's definitely on the to-do list.
Maybe when you win the Most Views or Most Ratings, we can get a Robot T-Shirt, and a T-Shirt with the contest's logo on it! Maybe not both, just 1, but maybe people would like the Robot one too. Just a suggestion. :P
dragongirl7 years ago
huh WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh just yarn
I like your site and have used alot of the patterns..keep them coming
canida dwfit7 years ago
Post some pictures of the results as a comment to the original poster. They love that kind of feedback!
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Well I guess I will chalk up yet another loss. I can't knit. boo hoo (sniffle)
You could think of another creative use for yarn, and/or learn to knit/crochet.
Canida, This is very true I could learn to knit/crochet. I was thinking of making a hunting sling with yarn. The kind that you use to sling rocks with (David and Goliath) but I am sure I would just hurt myself with it. I would probably get it wrapped around my throat and hit my self in the face with the rock. Wow I never thought about it before but this yarn stuff can be pretty dangerous. :)
I'm making a crocheted rug out of camouflage color Lion Brand Fettuccini yarn. All yarn projects don't have to be "girly." In fact, all of the Fettuccini yarn is super bulky and you could use it to weave in a tabletop loom (which is also SUPER fun and very easy to learn) . . . and so many other cool things you can do with yarn.

Honestly, I gave up on learning to knit. My Mom tried to teach me years ago. But I've been crocheting for a long time now -- it seems easier to me. I always had a hard time keeping the yarn from flying off the needles. Maybe if they'd invent knitting needles with hooks on the end it would be better for me lol!

If you want to see my "girly" project, it's here: My dolly dress & bonnet set.

And if I get my tush in gear, maybe I'll finish my camo rug b4 the contest is out . . . and even if it takes longer, now that I found this site, I'll post some pics once it's done.
Oh lovely! My husband's favorite childhood sweater was a camo-print knitted by his grandmother. Now that her hands are starting to go she's on to basic crocheted afghans. I've been considering trying to make one, but the camo sounded daunting- I'd love to see how the camo yarn works out!
That sounds like some sort of "poor man's plastic surgery." Oh, and it sounds like yarn IS possibly a dangerous weapon in your hands.... Notify the airports!
What to post? What to post? *Obsessive knitter.*
I know what you mean meg; I have so many projects but I ended up posting the most recent one I finished . . . my problem is that so many times I make stuff for the kids and if I don't take pictures RIGHT AWAY it gets juice on it, or ripped or torn or SOMETHING. Some people maybe have dainty kids, but I swear mine are ANIMALS. It's so hard to keep things looking nice. So as soon as I finished the last project I took pictures immediately b4 my little monkeys could destroy the evidence that it had looked half decent at some point in time. Good luck choosing!
You don't have to choose just one!
jknight7 years ago
Quick questions: If my mom knits, am I eligible to win a prize if I post one of her projects up? If I was to win, the yarn would go to my mom anyway.
mbhiler jknight7 years ago
Sure. Why not?
canida jknight7 years ago
You can certainly post pictures for your mom!

And as listed in the rules:
-- If you're under 18 go ahead and submit your project -- we'll just need your parents' OK if you win.
Just sign your mom up for an account. Name her 'jknightsmom'...
momrules17 years ago
I was wondering for the contest does it count now for page views and ratings or is it only from Feb. 17th to Feb. 25th ? I saw the 17th was the deadline and I am new to this. Thanks
The 17th is the deadline for entries, then we look at the pageview/ratings info on the 25th to make sure everyone has had the chance to look and respond to even the latest entries.
Hello...I have a question about my submission. My slideshow doesn't have a "rating" box in the right corner. Did I do something wrong when I uploaded my show? It's the Cotton Baby Bunting.... Thank you!
You did everything exactly right! An explanation: since you can't vote up your own project, you don't see the rating option while you're logged in. However, once others have rated your project, you will see the current score!
lemac7 years ago
I've had several people tell me that they've visited the site, but haven't figured out how to vote on a project. Having looked around myself, I am also at a loss as to what to tell them...
DoodleBug lemac7 years ago
You have to sign in to post comments and vote. Once you are signed in click on the plus sign above and to the right of the picture. Hope that helps.
Lostfol lemac7 years ago
In order to place a vote, they need to setup an account. They can then hit the + sign over the picture they wish to vote for.
canida lemac7 years ago
Instructions are edited -- did that clear things up?
Tobi42427 years ago
Does it have to be made entirely out of yarn? Or can I use other materials?
dragongirl7 years ago
yarn mmmmm maybe
I have some really great (at least I think so : ) projects that I have recently completed. Do they need to be in any certain type of yarn?
Anything is eligible, so long as it's made of yarn!
And yes, that means any type of yarn.
lan47 years ago
How does the rating work? The higher the number, the more you like it, or is a Rate of 1 considered the highest rank?
I think the higher the number, the higher the rank and the more that people like it. Think of it as points, rather than rank. That's what I've gathered so far.
Skyfinity7 years ago
zachninme7 years ago
I'm really surprised at the number of entries already! I'm even more surprised, in a great way, that its many different people! Everything looks great!
I really hope you guys keep posting even after the challenge is over!
Arachnera7 years ago
The contests ad in the side bar says "$250", but in the above Prizes section, $25 is listed instead.
10*$25 = $250.
It is plural ("prizes"). The total value if $250
Very Keri7 years ago
What if you're a legal U.S. resident, but you actually "reside" on a military base over seas? I technically have a California address, but if you mail me stuff, you have to fill out a customs form...
Good question- I'm checking! We restricted the winners due to's shipping requirements, so we'll see how this works. I'll get back to you asap.
yay! thanks! now if i can just get everything purchased and finished by the deadline...
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