Bread, meat, cheese, condiment, more bread...Yum!

I'm holding a contest to see what kind of delicious sandwiches you, the Instructables community, can create!

You can use any type of sandwich. Edible, inedible, vegetarian, vegan, breakfast, burger... you could even make a giant sandwich!

To enter this contest, submit a new instructablebefore the deadlinethat is sandwich related to the Sandwich group

Update: Woo hoo! I got featured! That means a three month pro membership is added to the golden prize pack!

Update 2: I have extended the deadline by a week because of lack of entries. C'mon people... make some sammiches!

  • Contest Starts: 6/19/10
  • Entry deadline: 7/24/10
  • Judge choosing starts:7/26/10
  • Judge choosing ends:7/30/10
  • Judging Starts: 7/31/10
  • Judging Ends: 8/7/10

Good luck!May the sandwich making begin!!

Step 1: How, You Ask?

I know, I know, you're probably thinking "Hey, how can some random guy from the community just host a contest?" Well, I'm glad you asked, young maker of sandwiches.  Anyone can hold their own contests. They won't be mentioned on the front page like the contests the staff hold, because they have big corporate sponsors, and, well, the ability to put them in the contest section of the page. Your contest instructable may become featured or popular, though, and be seen on the front page for a short amount of time!

You asked how, and I told you!
Did this finish yet?
Well, yeah. I sent out all the prizes. I started this when I was living on the boat, and had a ton of time on my hands, but then we moved off and I had to go to regular school, and it kind of all got lost. I only just sent the prizes out. I also posted a forum topic somewhere. I'll have to dig it up.
Really? after almost a year ago? I also just saw the group, that answers most of my questions
Yeah, it was, well, bad. I got really caught up with other stuff and was REALLY busy. It was bad.
At least you sent it! <br><br>
OY, I hadn't even SEEN this before.....sorry.
That's OK, as long as you make a sandwich! jk.
Oh I could write a book.....but picking one may be difficult.....
A book about sandwiches?
Yeah, it would be kind of like an &quot;no need to cook&quot; cook book. :-)
Sorry for the late reply... that would be interesting! You should definitely try it!
Well, there are already books like that on the market...<a href="http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-Silvertons-Sandwich-Book-Ever/dp/0375412603" rel="nofollow">Here is just one such Amazon listing for them</a>
I'm considering entering my Hulk-wich. The step after a man-wich.
Have you ever just had a wich? Pretty wimpy...
That's more commonly refered to as bread.
Or possibly just the sandwich guts.
Cool contest! Maybe I'll go for A Really Good Ham Sandwich, which is what I often claim will get my write-in vote on election day. :)<br> <br> Just one thing: I think you may have been betrayed by your spell-checker (as happens to eveyone from time to time) in the fine print of Step 4 -<br> <br> &quot;International entries ARE excepted!&quot;<br> <br> Er, do you mean &quot;excepted&quot; as in &quot;excluded,&quot; or &quot;excepted&quot; as in &quot;accepted&quot;?<br> <br> (How can two words be both near-homonyms and near-antonyms?)<br>
Whoops! thanks for that. I meant &quot;accepted&quot;. Fixed.
<em>muahahaha!! </em><br> <br> nicely done <strong>kcls</strong>, let the battle of the bread slices begin!<br>
Oooohh, this looks like my kind of contest! Are multiple entries accepted?
Of course! The more entries the better! What counts though is quality, not quantity.
Yay! But I assure you, they'll all be of quality. :D<br> <br> <br> I hope you have a system set up so that each entrant can receive one prize, you probably do, just thought I'd remind you.<br> <br> Can't wait to see all of the 'ibles popping up!<br>
Hmmm. I'm in!
<br> Well that's a challenge of sorts.<br> <br> L<br>
KCLS this looks very well thought out is nicely presented!<br> <br> I shall be entering for sure! The sandwich I'll be entering is from my favourite sandwich bar, I've never made it before since I usually get it from them. But since I'm moving away I shall immortalise it on instructables!<br>

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