Picture of How to Escape from America
My cousins were hiking in Washington State when they came upon this sign. It says

United States Boundary
This is an Unlawful Pedestrian
or Conveyance Crossing
Violators are Subject to Arrest,
Fines and or Forfeiture of
US Customs and Border Protection
Please Report Suspicious Activity to
U.S. Border Patrol"

So of course they braved the possible minefield and sensor nets surrounding this sign and ALLEGEDLY traipsed back and forth across the border. They also ALLEGEDLY experimented with that strange limbo of having half their bodies in each country.

"Allegedly" is a journalistic term of art that will protect us from overzealous law enforcement agents seeking to use this instructable as evidence.

Then they went back home to the U.S., but they could have kept going into Canada carrying a cargo of books which are banned there but not here or attempted to work there illegally. They could have tried to enroll in a free Canadian University or attempted to get medical care at some free Canadian clinic and generally become a "burden on the Crown." That's the sort of thing that borders were invented to prevent.

The Canadians didn't put up their own sign though, recruiting informants and warning about how they'll punish violators.

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you should try the southern border. I live a few hours from the Tx/Mexico border and do some of my research on the pecos river. If you don't mind the desert it isn't bad. The only place we ever get checked is about 60miles in from the actual border.
That "internal border" would probably fail a constitutional test if it was ever allowed to get before the Supreme Court. Can you imagine the fuss the people Up North would mmake if there was a mandatory stop 60 miles from the Canadian border? It's completely outrageous.
black hole3 years ago
Canadian Customs people are so much nicer than the Americans. Just a few months ago on a road trip, we took a wrong turn looking for the Peace Gardens and wound up right at the border station, with no way to back out. The Canadian guard said " Oh, no problem, just drive on through and turn around." Later, when we were leaving the Peace Gardens (which we found thanks to the same Canadian guy) we learned that a passport or ID was reqired to exit the gardens. The American guard was totally unhelpful, acting like he was doing us a big favor by letting us back into the US, and at the same time getting all annoyed and being a huge jerk.
Sometimes I hate this country.
__-_-_-__6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Please tell me you aren't serious, you're here to criticize America and you can't even spell Iraq right? Another thing he said FREE health care which America doesn't have, and most of the time most Americans votes for random crap don't count take the super delegates for example...(and when you said you cant drink while you are 21-thats the legal drinking age...)
In most decent countries you can't buy guns without a license. Can you speak portuguese spanish italian or french? because I do. so stfu. and if you can vote you have a word about the politics of your country. if you don't like it you can change it. you can even candidate yourself. And in most decent countries who has most votes wins the elections. not like america.
Our election system is flawed. Our president is flawed. Our judges are flawed. Our foreign and domesti policies are flawed. But our constitution is just about perfect. I have the freedom to own MANY guns, and the right to carry them. I can walk into a gun store and walk out 5 minutes later with a handgun, a shotgun, and a semi-auto rifle. In my state, my kids get to start legally driving at 14. I can buy some of the best healthcare in the world. I can criticize the government, church, or any individual- publicly , any time I want. I can read what I want. The U.S. has its problems (mostly following liberal, commie, pseudo-intellectual, pansy appeasement-style euro-politics), but I am fond of my freedoms. By the way, Who's still a super-power? And who's a foot-note in the history books?
"Who's still a super-power? And who's a foot-note in the history books?"
The power of a country it's not measured by his warfare by his culture. IDH and so. Diversity is good but that's not respect in USA. Not worth to mention racism and so on..

"buy some of the best healthcare in the world"
What about the ones in your country who can't buy it?

"can read what I want"
If you are from USA you can't:


what about Guantanamo?

What about Echelon?

freedom of speech?

pseudo freedom...
I can buy some of the best healthcare in the world because I choose to work for a living. Those who do not choose to work receive healthcare from the same sources, paid for by my tax dollars, and higher medical bills that I pay. Those books are not promoted by certain libraries and schools. The individual communitties have the choice to offer or not to offer them. I have read most of them and have had access to all of them. I choose to homeschool my kids and they too have access to these books. Gitmo? Are you kidding? The terrorists are not fond of it? Free speach is always in danger. But my constitution affirms it, and my guns guarantee it. Freedom? Yeah, I've got it. My ancestors fought for it, And I will keep mine rather than selling it for the false hope of governmental protection and intervention in any inconvenience I may face. Freedom: Those who are not willing to kill or be killed for freedom will never understand this. I am obiously not good at explaining it to those who don't value it.
OK, that was it. I actually am tilted towards libertarianism but DO NOT THINK THAT BECAUSE I CANT BUY HEATH CARE, I DIDN'T WORK FOR A LIVING. I worked hard, had insurance and even private disability, thank god. But after years of paying for protection into medicare I still after 7 years cant get medical help after being struck with a disabling disease. I couldn't work and lost my job and then my health insurance and cant afford 1500 dollars a month for an HSA and still pay medical bills. I resent the fact that you would say that only folks that work can get medical insurance. I don't agree with govt heath care, its ridiculous to trust them with anything else, but I also don't agree that I pay twice as much for the same services because I don't have insurance and the insurance co get a discounted price that is half or even more than my out of pocket bill is. Si I dont go and get sicker as time goes by, I will die youngish and it is NOT because I didnt work hard for a living and do the right thing.
All I can say is everyone get health insurance separate from your employment so if you get sick they cant deny you if/when you loose your job to illness.
you buy health? nice one. I have it for free. I pay 0.00€ for it. It's free for everyone. Everyone has the right to a doctor and treatments for free. It's an human right.
And guess what, It's cheaper for the state. There's no country in the world that spends that much on health then USA. Fortunately in my country we don't spend much, and even so, everyone gets it for free. nice1usa.
Well, I'd say that the US is becoming a footnote in macroeconomics. After all, China, Japan and the European Union all have powerful economies, and most members of the old British Empire, including the US, will soon become the new second world. In military matters, you decided you wanted to become a footnote the moment you set foot inside of Afghanistan, considering that, since the time of Alexander, no foreign power has ever been able to conquer them and set a power base. Ten years from now, the repulsion of the US invasion will only be another notch in the belt for the Afghan, right by the 1980's Soviet repulsion. You got yourselves another Vietnam, and then entire world knows that you didn't have squat to do in Iraq. I'd also say that I prefer Mexican laws concerning weaponry: there are very detailed listings of what weapons are legal for normal civilian ownership, which are legal for specific civilian pursuits (such as collecting, hunting, ceremonial, agricultural or industrial uses, or police), and which are simply above and beyond legal for other than military ownership. While minor infractions get you a slap on your hand and a few things are almost considered jay-walking offenses (such as owning an old cavalry saber without a collectors license), most instances of illegal ownership can get you as much as 45-year sentences in military prisons. The law also states very clearly that, regardless of your permits, you cannot wear your weapons if you are going to a meeting or demonstration where you could expect heated arguments. No gun-totting politics here. About your so-perfect Constitution, let me quote the Mexican constitution, First Article, full text and as literal a translation as proper English grammar allows: "In the United Mexican States, every individual will enjoy of all the guaranties given by this Constitution, which cannot be restricted or suspended but in the cases and conditions established on the Constitution itself. "Slavery is prohibited in the United Mexican States. Slaves coming from abroad will achieve freedom and full legal protection by the mere fact of entering Mexican territory. "It is prohibited to discriminate in basis of ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, handicaps, social standing, health status, religion, opinions, preferences, marital status or any other basis going against human dignity and seeking to nullify or undermine the rights and freedoms of people." I hope you can quote the American Constitution, as written by your Founding Fathers, saying anything similar. Never mind. If you had it, you wouldn't have had a Civil War. Cheers.
Actually, I see the War Between the States as the beginning of the decline of my nation. It was started to destroy the notion of states rights. The Federals won, and the rights of hard-working, Christian, individualist-type property owners has been in decline ever since. I have been to Mexico several times, and you're right. It's the model of forward moving, crime-free, well-educated, free-thinking, supremely-healthy, ultra-clean utopia. I can't imagine why people flee Mexico by the tens of thousands annually, for a dump like the U.S. It's absolutely unfathomable. What could we possibly have, that they would leave their disease and poverty-free paradise for?
I cannot deny your irony: the US is a dump, and Mexico is its tag-along. Then again, Mexico had its first truly-democratic election 7 years ago and came out of 72 years of US-supported tyranny; about the same time when you had your first non-democratic elections on recent memory. The 4-year-old transparency laws are just beginning to truly settle down (after being fought tooth-and-nail by the old-school, only to become uprooted) and the media now calmly exposes politicians, an action that just 10 years ago would have gotten the reporters and editors killed and the paper closed. I remember that your proudly-presented "Patriot Act" comes to limit your rights to privacy, that Osama was trained by the CIA and that the economic growth rate of Mexico has been slightly higher than yours for five years in a row. And for all the poor we are, our average life expectancy is just three years lower than yours.

Should I mention that our ecologic legislation is more stringent than yours, or that your own CIA admits that Mexico has the largest drug-eradication program in the world? Should I mention that our external debt is $182 billion, while yours is $12.25 TRILLION?

Shouldn't I better elaborate on the fact that Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a high-end Category 3 hurricane and completely devastated New Orleans, including a loss of life in the thousands? Do you even know that the very same year, Hurricane Wilma made landfall in Cancun as a Category 5 and there wasn't a single human life lost, even if some of the hotels show flood marks well into their third floors? Should I mention that Wilma spent 72 hours parked over Cancun, then left as a tropical storm, reformed as a hurricane and went on to kill 18 people in Florida with a landfall as a lowly Category 1?

By the way, you still haven't defended your statements about your constitution.
Those who sacrifice freedom for security are deserving of neither. It is not the (Federal) governments responsibility to solve all of our problems. I don't want to be rescued by the Federal government. Their function is "supposed to be" maintaining a national defense, and guaranteeing free interstate commerce. I have already conceded that our current system is flawed, but if the intent of our founders had been followed , that would not be the case. The Federal government is too big and invasive. The Constitution is near perfect in that originally it left the power in the hands of the individual states. They made laws appropriate to their own circumstances, rather than facing legislation and taxation from a disconnected band of silver-spoon aristocrats, who had possibly never even set foot in a given state. The primary problems in American government (which I've fully acknowlege) are a result of the steady abandonement of these ideals. It is not the Federal governments business to feed, clothe, employ, direct or lead us. I don't need a handout, and I don't need to be protected from myself. Those who love freedom will endure and prosper, while those who look to their national government for direction will (as always) be a drain on the rest of us.
I can respect that, even if I don't agree with leaving to little power in the hands of the central government. Also, the task of an elected central government should be to lead through knowing the wishes of the people who elected it. As the Haitian national anthem goes: "A country freedom deserves not If it is a dutiful and forgiving slave If in its chest the flame does not grow Of being free or dying."
By the way, can you even mail-order "The Communist Manifesto" or "The Little Red Book" without rising above FBI radars? Can you form a Communist Party without becoming an outlaw? Don't your little kindergarten kids nowadays get suspended if they play Cowboys and Indians?
Lol dude, you can't buy a gun in America without a permit (read license) either. And I suppose speaking 4 languages badly makes you smart? Because judging by your english you don't do too hot in your non-native tongues, I'm assuming you're ok in your native tongue but that's not necessarily a given. I'm sorry but you really don't understand much at all about America, you seem to me to be a deep well of ignorance, perhaps you should try to empty it a little before you post crap and look like a fool. To be honest, you sound a little jealous, but it's tough to be sure with just your random nonsense to go by. Just my 2 cents. :)
"The United States (U.S.), although a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, has neither ratified nor withdrawn from the Protocol. The signature alone is symbolic, as the Kyoto Protocol is non-binding on the United States unless ratified. The United States was, as of 2005, the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels"

""Pro-Gun" States Lead the Nation in Per Capita Firearm Death Rates"

"The United States gave further justification for the invasion of Iraq in claims that Iraq had or was developing weapons of mass destruction and the opportunity to remove an oppressive dictator from power and bring democracy to Iraq. In his State of Union Address on 29 January, 2002, the American President George W. Bush declared that Iraq was a member of the "axis of evil", and that, like North Korea and Iran, Iraq's attempt to acquire weapons of mass destruction gave credence to the claim that the Iraqi government posed a serious threat to America's national security. He added, "Iraq continues to flaunt its hostilities toward America and to support terror. The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade... This is a regime that agreed to international inspections—then kicked out inspectors. This is a regime that has something to hide from the civilized world... By seeking weapons of mass destruction, these regimes [Iran, Iraq and North Korea] pose a grave and growing danger. They could provide these arms to terrorists, giving them the means to match their hatred."[15] However, according to a comprehensive US report no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction have been found since the invasion.[16] Yet, there are news reports which contradict this. .[17]"

"1,625 UN and US inspectors spent two years searching 1,700 sites at a cost of more than $1bn. Yesterday they delivered their verdict
There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq"

Estimated USA nuclear stockpiles
warheads active: 4075

[USA] is the only country to have used them in war against another nation.

Al Gore had more votes

and really.. Jealous of what? I'm not anti america but really.. think about it.. It's a crazy country... And yes of course I known that most of americans dont agree with any of their countries ridiculous ways.
we have yet another america basher...why feed the troll? do the site a proper service...ignore him/her/it DONT FEED THE TROLLS
Good point. From here on out, at least on this thread, the trolls will starve to death! I liked the i'ble, I enjoy intelligent discussion,but I don't have the time or energy to explain self-reliance, perseverance and personal independence (even at great personal sacrifice)to those who do not earnestly desire those things.
when your a Euro PEON....does it matter skunk? all they care about is making themselves FEEL better for a failed existance with existentialism,humanism,and dogging others more successful them themselves,all the while making it APPEAR as though:"since they care" they better then us...liberals/socialists...yuck
Well said!!!
clark __-_-_-__6 years ago really don't understand america.
lol, i hope you know that most of us dont agree with any of our countries ridiculous ways : )
Jake Turner6 years ago
I am seriously considering revoking my citizenship in the US if things don't get better. I could go on and on to write a paragraph detailing what's wrong with the US, but I'll stick to the points of interest. Turn 18, and you HAVE to sign up for selective service, or you get nothing from the government and won't be able to keep a driver's license. I have less than a year before this happens. Smoke pot, and you are a criminal. Enough said. I can't stand a country that makes its own criminals. Did I mention the military is retarded? Anyhow, nice find, thanks for posting it. 5 starred.
REVOKE IT....please,but then decide what country is "better",and then move.
things will never get "better" then how you think things "were".
dont render verdict on anything you know nothing about...I did exactly that to selective service,and that was in the early 1980's...they NEVER called me,
there isnt any draft,so your only giving them your name,just like when you do a tax return.

trust me,if the federal government wants you,they'll get you no matter where you "Revoke to",and even in canada they have you do service.

how you as a minor,who has never served in any branch,voted legally,or know anything about the military services escapes me,with exception of heresay,and innuendo,and your repeating it here.

and dude,the "smoking pot laws" are LOCALLY enforced,not might want to learn a bit more before you start going off on who is guilty of what "crime against dopers",and I am a libertarian,who thinks drug laws are vacant.

feds only care if your a big enough dealer to rise about the radar,and they get a large enough return on all their time spent investigating you.
lastly,if your a professor,you ARE a "doctor"..
your accorded a 'Phd',one of my friends has one,a doctorate in aeronautical design.

lastly look here for a good idea about hiding in canada,to avoid "the draft"

the draft wont happen,too many people are volunteering fopr active service and re-enlisting,there is no need FOR a draft,there is enough people who are going willingly,to need to drag you in "kicking and screaming".
For starters, lay off. My name is one I made just for grins, and until the end of this month, I don't have a high school diploma, so naturally I have neither a PhD or a doctorate. I also know full well that the name "Doctor Professor" is redundant. That's the idea.

I am also fully aware that SS does not guarantee that I would be drafted into the military, but I resent the idea of being told to give my name for a service I would never be willing to join. You say you weren't called on in the 80's. There wasn't any god-awful messes like the Iraq war going on then, which has had way too many soldiers thrown at it (twice if they survive the first bout). I would dread the idea of fighting pissed-off Iraqis/Iranians over oil fields.

And to the drug issue. Yes, dealers are a priority over users. But users can still get slammed for holding. I'm applying for college. I'd be very pissed if something got messed up because I decided to enjoy my 420.

Now you can reply. saying I've gotten all uptight and I'm taking this in a hostile way. But you've mentioned the fact I'm 17 as if it's a cause for ignorance. I've taken quite a few courses in U.S. Government, I watch the local and national news every night, oh, and my brother, uncle, grandfather and Great grandfather were/are all Naval officers. Don't ever give me the "dumb little boy" talk. Your condescending demeanor isn't welcome on sites like this, where people are allowed to express their opinions without undue backlash.

You could have politely corrected any mistakes I made, but instead you went for the offense and decided to blame my mistakes on age or lack of higher education. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics.
Even if you win, you're still retarded.

But being underage, as you've mentioned, I guess I'm already eligible for that race.
I'm glad you said something . . . personally i despise the mere thought of speaking with someone who looks down on me strictly for superficial reasons like age and assumes that they know more or are better simply for having not died for longer. Unfortunately, for the most part, things wont get any better . . . i don't get any more respect or civility now at 22 than i did at 12. The only older people that treat me as equals are my co-workers(and this is only after i "proved" myself by solving coding problems that escaped them) and the people at my dojo. wasnt an age thing....he's dogging our country and saying it ISNT worthy.... that sucks..that was my point..not his age,except for the whining
I agree with "Kaelessin" on this one. He isn't dogging what this country represents, he's dogging what this country IS. You can choose to be ignorant of what the current state of the union is by watching your "Faux News Channel", but some of us see how the country is currently not representing the values it was founded on. If you cannot see this obvious truth, then your opinion is invalidated until you come to terms with the truth that surrounds you.

When you stop believing all that you hear as you wear blinders on to the rest of the world, you will quickly learn more worldly views. At least "Kaelessin" is one of those people who has not been blinded by political party or religion, and has actually seen things with open eyes. Try it sometime, you can learn a lot. Democracy can come back once Americans stop being complacent and have enough courage to speak out.

"Land of the free, home of the brave", remember? Become complacent and you show no bravery....Have no bravery, and you will never be free, and all that our founding-fathers have fought and died for will be lost to the radical-right party (conservative republicans), and no american will have a choice, because a church will make it for them, and they will have no liberty, because a church will take it from them, and they will have no justice, because a church will decide that for them.....and churches are very influenced by large donations of money....

"Separation of church and State" was lost as soon as we voters catered to candidates who pandered to christian values. Continue this tradition, and we bastardize everything our forefathers fought for and died for. You will defile everything this country, that you claim to be so proud of, has ever stood for, from a twisted sense of "patriotism" that is more commonly-defined as "nationalism" (and yes, there is a very-distinct gap between the two).

"Kaelessin" is more the patriot, you seem more the "nationalist". Remember that the next time you call yourself "patriotic" (and I know you do). If you are so proud to be an american in this day and age, go enlist and die in Iraq for your beloved dictator's oil-interests, and let him profit from your death. The rest of us will dissent and combat the real threat to America and the world: The USA's current administration. You will die in Iraq an american nationalist, we will live in america as the real patriots, who demand change. The only reason we don't call for impeachment is because that would make Cheney president, and we all know how good his aim is...
actually what is the difference by your description of church control and government control? They are exactly the same. Churches are local and so individuals have a say, govt is federal and more fed every day and no input from locals so If I had only those two choices I would choose local, but guess what there are more than 2 choices.
Religion is an interesting point and to so many it can be a blinder and all too often an excuse to wreak genocide on others simply for being different. However, like so many great things turned sour, religion at its very core and roots is not a bad thing . . .I for one call myself faithful (and religious though I most vehemently disagree with several points having to do with policy and the treatment of others that my chosen institution is guilty of) but do not let this faith become an excuse. it, just like any other aspect of my being simply is a part of who I am and no more. I don't expect everyone to believe the same things as I do and i certainly believe in or see the merit of many teachings which would like as not get me thrown out for being a "heretic" but now i digress . . .basically my main point is that taken at its roots, just like nationality, patriotism, and all that, religion is also not bad . . .the institution simply needs a LOT of work. Funny you should mention something about pride! I remember seeing all those bumper stickers with the pretentious slogan "Proud to be an American" emblazoned on them . . .it really gave me pause and i wondered . . .why? are we better somehow? but i remembered an old saying (which tends to be watered down these days) and made my own sticker . . .if you're easily offended or are one of these "Nationalists" just remember I;m not trying to enrage anyone . . .just disturb the complacent. See the image below if you care to . . I also thought long and hard about making one in mockery of "God bless America" along the lines of "God bless Iraq" but I figured I'd rather not try to go about my everyday life trying to function with lead in my temporal lobe . . .
no place is "worthy" to tell you the truth . . .but that's entirely beside the point if he has found something about our country that he takes issue with then he should (and in my opinion has a duty to) say something. If he's the only one with that issue then most likely it's a non-issue but if his speaking up shows others something they don't like and they take issue with it too then perhaps he has found something requiring change and started the process. I don't think he is "dogging our country" in the sense that he's saying the people in it are terrible . . .he's merely complaining about the way it's run
Thanks for being one of the few REAL patriots of this country. Maybe with your help, we can have a real democracy again someday, and the founding fathers can stop rolling in their graves after witnessing what they have in the past 7+ years....I commend your "uncommon-sense", and may you never lose your grasp on it.
Amen bro, and I'm 32...That's the vigor I EXPECT from someone calling themselves an American. Thanks for being a part of the "good breed", and pat your parents on the back for raising you right. You are yet another rare example to the rest of this weak-willed and weak-minded mass of citizens that claim to be America.
Thanks for your support . . .sometimes it seems as if I'm the only one with these views . . .granted being different is cool sometimes but simply being different doesn't get things done. Now if we could find a way to convince some more people to begin turning the wheels of change . . .
your the foolish person excersizing your free will and choosing to smoke dope..if YOU get busted...your fault. you chose to do this.... want to not get busted? do it and dont get stupid,I could do a bunch more then be as NICE as I was..concidering your slamming the nation of BOTH our birthrights... frankly,you dont like it here...move. but since you dont care to,vote,and change things democratically and just want to have a public whining session....your just a little kid on the internet in my humble opinion. and dude,you had better grow up fast,the real world aint kind and warm and fuzzy like the classrooms you've held court in so far,and tried to here as well. failing that...let me know when you want to leave,I'll be glad to pay for your airfare to ANOTHER country,one concession on your part,you dont come stay gone,and try to make others of like mind agree with you why the USA you depict is cruel,evil,and not worthy of your allegience.
perhaps he'd have a different opinion of this "great" nation if citizen's votes were more than suggestions, if those running it (and im not just speaking of out current one though he is no exception) weren't convinced that we don't need to know all the things they're doing, if we weren't convinced that simply being born here makes us greater than someone born elsewhere. Seriously, i doubt there are many(if any) "better" places to live but that doesn't mean we shouldn't complain and make our opinions known. If we all shut up and accept that this is as good as it's gonna get then we've already lost. my motto: "Seek improvement in perfection"

I dare say that libertarianism is the very worst example of US philosophy. Libertarianism allowed the KKK to form. Libertarianism allows Neo-Nazi groups to congregate. Libertarianism allowed Bush to invade Irak without a single shred of evidence. Libertarianism allows parents to sentence their own children to death or lesser qualities of life by denying the doctors' liberty to administer medicines, blood products and surgery. Libertarianism allows children in US classrooms to boycott their biology teachers, and has allowed a group of religious fanatics to mask religious theory as science and introduce Creationism into biology classes. How comes that libertarianism can also be blamed for all the evils in your so-called "free" society, which allowed great degrees of racial denigration well into the 1960's?

I hope you feel proud to be a libertarian and enjoy shouting "people should be allowed to do whatever they will". I stick with Mexican philosophy: the Mexican constitution was written around the principle "Among the people and among the nations, the respect for the other's right equals peace". Mexico has trouble implementing its own constitution and its authorities have an incredible tract record for corruption, but before you criticize that country, you should remember that Mexico is just coming out of seventy-two years' worth of US-supported tyranny.
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