How to Escape From America





Introduction: How to Escape From America

My cousins were hiking in Washington State when they came upon this sign. It says

United States Boundary
This is an Unlawful Pedestrian
or Conveyance Crossing
Violators are Subject to Arrest,
Fines and or Forfeiture of
US Customs and Border Protection
Please Report Suspicious Activity to
U.S. Border Patrol"

So of course they braved the possible minefield and sensor nets surrounding this sign and ALLEGEDLY traipsed back and forth across the border. They also ALLEGEDLY experimented with that strange limbo of having half their bodies in each country.

"Allegedly" is a journalistic term of art that will protect us from overzealous law enforcement agents seeking to use this instructable as evidence.

Then they went back home to the U.S., but they could have kept going into Canada carrying a cargo of books which are banned there but not here or attempted to work there illegally. They could have tried to enroll in a free Canadian University or attempted to get medical care at some free Canadian clinic and generally become a "burden on the Crown." That's the sort of thing that borders were invented to prevent.

The Canadians didn't put up their own sign though, recruiting informants and warning about how they'll punish violators.

Step 1: Just Leave

In 2001 and 2003 when I left the country on my own boat I researched to find out the proper procedure.
I was very surprised to find out that the proper procedure was NONE. You just leave.
If you wanted you could file a "float plan" with the harbormaster or coastguard so they'd have an idea where to look for you if your boat falls apart and you don't get to your destination. But you didn't have to.

There was no permit to get, no form to fill out, no stamp to put in your passport. You just left. You could decide where you were going later. Thats what leaving was like. All the checking happened on the way in. And in most places there wasn't much of that.

Customs cared that you might be transporting stuff. So they wanted to hear that you arrived.
You were supposed to go to a "Port of Entry" which in s.e. Alaska is Ketchikan. That's about 100 miles from the actual border. After you get to town you go looking for the Customs office. They had a piece of paper on a clipboard. I wrote my name and what my boat was. "home made canoe". I could have done it by calling the customs "clearing in" phone number 1-800-827-2851, but I wanted to do an extra good job.

I was so happy and proud to be an American. A free country. They don't care what you do. You can leave or come back if you want and you don't have to get hassled by jerks in costumes.

Now that the terrorists have won and we've decided we hate freedom also, there are some dumb new hassles. If you want to go in and out of the country on your own boat you have to go to some office with three forms of id, get fingerprinted, pay $16 and buy a sticker to have the right, which lasts a year.

There are some other methods also. I couldn't make any sense of the crap on the "homeland security" website, supposed to be the real source: and
As you can see, their mission is to advance their careers, try to look good, and waste people's time with useless crap. Meanwhile, other branches of government are devoted to creating as many terrorists as possible. (Ooops. I forgot title wasn't "why to escape"). Anyway,

The "Lake Ontario Sailing" website is much clearer on how to deal with the new red tape:

By the way, as Chomsky says, the message of all this ranting is not that our government is bad, but that we all should get much more involved with it, because it represents US.



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    Thanks for sharing... I was looking for such information.

    I am seriously considering revoking my citizenship in the US if things don't get better. I could go on and on to write a paragraph detailing what's wrong with the US, but I'll stick to the points of interest. Turn 18, and you HAVE to sign up for selective service, or you get nothing from the government and won't be able to keep a driver's license. I have less than a year before this happens. Smoke pot, and you are a criminal. Enough said. I can't stand a country that makes its own criminals. Did I mention the military is retarded? Anyhow, nice find, thanks for posting it. 5 starred.

    REVOKE IT....please,but then decide what country is "better",and then move.
    things will never get "better" then how you think things "were".
    dont render verdict on anything you know nothing about...I did exactly that to selective service,and that was in the early 1980's...they NEVER called me,
    there isnt any draft,so your only giving them your name,just like when you do a tax return.

    trust me,if the federal government wants you,they'll get you no matter where you "Revoke to",and even in canada they have you do service.

    how you as a minor,who has never served in any branch,voted legally,or know anything about the military services escapes me,with exception of heresay,and innuendo,and your repeating it here.

    and dude,the "smoking pot laws" are LOCALLY enforced,not might want to learn a bit more before you start going off on who is guilty of what "crime against dopers",and I am a libertarian,who thinks drug laws are vacant.

    feds only care if your a big enough dealer to rise about the radar,and they get a large enough return on all their time spent investigating you.
    lastly,if your a professor,you ARE a "doctor"..
    your accorded a 'Phd',one of my friends has one,a doctorate in aeronautical design.

    lastly look here for a good idea about hiding in canada,to avoid "the draft"

    the draft wont happen,too many people are volunteering fopr active service and re-enlisting,there is no need FOR a draft,there is enough people who are going willingly,to need to drag you in "kicking and screaming".

    For starters, lay off. My name is one I made just for grins, and until the end of this month, I don't have a high school diploma, so naturally I have neither a PhD or a doctorate. I also know full well that the name "Doctor Professor" is redundant. That's the idea.

    I am also fully aware that SS does not guarantee that I would be drafted into the military, but I resent the idea of being told to give my name for a service I would never be willing to join. You say you weren't called on in the 80's. There wasn't any god-awful messes like the Iraq war going on then, which has had way too many soldiers thrown at it (twice if they survive the first bout). I would dread the idea of fighting pissed-off Iraqis/Iranians over oil fields.

    And to the drug issue. Yes, dealers are a priority over users. But users can still get slammed for holding. I'm applying for college. I'd be very pissed if something got messed up because I decided to enjoy my 420.

    Now you can reply. saying I've gotten all uptight and I'm taking this in a hostile way. But you've mentioned the fact I'm 17 as if it's a cause for ignorance. I've taken quite a few courses in U.S. Government, I watch the local and national news every night, oh, and my brother, uncle, grandfather and Great grandfather were/are all Naval officers. Don't ever give me the "dumb little boy" talk. Your condescending demeanor isn't welcome on sites like this, where people are allowed to express their opinions without undue backlash.

    You could have politely corrected any mistakes I made, but instead you went for the offense and decided to blame my mistakes on age or lack of higher education. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics.
    Even if you win, you're still retarded.

    But being underage, as you've mentioned, I guess I'm already eligible for that race.

    I'm glad you said something . . . personally i despise the mere thought of speaking with someone who looks down on me strictly for superficial reasons like age and assumes that they know more or are better simply for having not died for longer. Unfortunately, for the most part, things wont get any better . . . i don't get any more respect or civility now at 22 than i did at 12. The only older people that treat me as equals are my co-workers(and this is only after i "proved" myself by solving coding problems that escaped them) and the people at my dojo. wasnt an age thing....he's dogging our country and saying it ISNT worthy.... that sucks..that was my point..not his age,except for the whining

    no place is "worthy" to tell you the truth . . .but that's entirely beside the point if he has found something about our country that he takes issue with then he should (and in my opinion has a duty to) say something. If he's the only one with that issue then most likely it's a non-issue but if his speaking up shows others something they don't like and they take issue with it too then perhaps he has found something requiring change and started the process. I don't think he is "dogging our country" in the sense that he's saying the people in it are terrible . . .he's merely complaining about the way it's run

    hey pm me i like to pick your brain please its hard to find people who can think out the box

    Thanks for being one of the few REAL patriots of this country. Maybe with your help, we can have a real democracy again someday, and the founding fathers can stop rolling in their graves after witnessing what they have in the past 7+ years....I commend your "uncommon-sense", and may you never lose your grasp on it.

    for about 13% of the U.S. Population it's a terrible place and those 13% are descended from people that never wanted to be here in the first place.