Does your government take all your money and claim to "distribute it fairly", making high ranking officers wealthy while you starve?
Does your government force you to live in harsh conditions and participate in military activities?
Does your government hide everything about the outside world and feed you crazy lies?
Does your government refuse to be peaceful?
Seems like a pretty bad life.

Maybe you want to leave the country?
Sorry, the government won't let you.

But you can ESCAPE from North Korea.

Step 1: Climb Over the Demilitarized Zone

This is the hardest part- this fence is quite tall, barbed, and watched 24/7 by armed guards.
Make sure to bring some heavy duty clothing to climb over the barbed wire without injuring yourself too much.

VERY IMPORTANT- Dodge the bullets being shot at you while you are climbing.

<p>muy util!</p>
Thanks man it worked
바울 감사합니다! 귀하의 지시 - 수와 나는 북한에서 탈출 할 수있었습니다! 당신은 내 인생을 저장했다!
@thematthatter, thanks for elaboration on step one, please create instructable for viewing instructable in NK
Ive been to the DMZ a couple of times, its a tourist attraction, and everything i post is already open source. <br>The DMZ is two fences, one on the North Korean side and one on the South Korean side. They are both electrified, and separated by 2 Km of forested area that hasn't seen man since 1953. This area is filled with landmines and uxo and endangered animals. <br>The only way to cross is through the JSA. <br>North Koreans attempting to leave will be killed before they make it to the fence on their side. Their families will be killed too. <br>Also they have no desire to leave. They don't know how well off South Korea is or how well off China or Russia is, they believe that everyone is in poverty and that they are more well off. <br>Those who do have electricity (very few) or even a computer and internet will certainly not be able to see anything that North Korea has already approved. Instructables would be out as well as google.
Sounds like the US except we can leave if we want.
... Huh.
From your intro, I thought you meant US.

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