All materials used in this instructable came from the PCB Fab-In-A-Box Starter Kit which can be purchase here. You will also need to purchase some PCB Etching Solution.

Step 1: Design

First you need to design the board using a service like Eagle, Fritzing or you can even just use Adobe Illustrator if you know exactly what you want. And remember to flip the design once you have it complete before you print it out.
<p>Uhhh is it just me or are there broken traces there?</p>
<p>There is, not just the border, but right above it as well.</p>
<p>It is just you.</p><p>That's the outline of the board not a trace.</p>
<p>just a question; When you say &quot;agitate&quot; do you mean scrubbing the PCB by hand?</p>
<p>After the iron,under the copper it's all black, is it possible that my <br>iron is too hot, the iron settings is before steam. What do you suggest? <br> thank you!|</p>
I use the iron to do this.
OK, I took my PCB down the local office supplies place, and they ran my PCB through the laminator 5 times, now it's covered in a massive layer of plastic, help!, how do I clean it off :) <br> <br>What, no plastic pouch, you say? Oh ...
Ah yeah so I didnt find it necessary to use the plastic. But you can just sand it off and start again so the PCB is not wasted.

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