How to FIX Laptop Overheat Issue Insanely


Introduction: How to FIX Laptop Overheat Issue Insanely

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Hi Developers !
Nice to share what I have did, Hope you inspired. My laptop Suddenly OFF when it overheat, and that is really annoying.

I bought this laptop in 2009, Toshiba Satellite AMD Turion ultra X2 64, 4GB RAM.

First the battery broken, so I always need AC Power.

and then the Cooling system become not reliable.

So to Fix the issue I need to add Big HeatSink and Fan.

Sorry for not documented well, it's unplanned project

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Step 1: Make New Case and Improve the Cooling System

Things I throw away:

  • Casing
  • keyboard (I bought Wireless Keyboard and Mouse)
  • The Origin LCD (for now I am using External monitor, but I am intend to expand my origin LCD's cable so I will have 2 LCD)
  • DVD R/W (I'm never use it anyway)
  • Touchpad
  • Some light indicator
  • Touchboard

Things need to Keep :

  • Power button board
  • WiFi Antenna

Things I add to Fix Overheat issue
  • Add Heatsink and Fan



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    Re-applying the thermal compound could have solved the issue with less effort but cool project.

    Way to "squeeze a little more toothpaste out of the tube"! =D And it's not unattractive, either! I like it!

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    Please using common english. Sorry, I don't get what you mean.
    Glad if you like it

    "Squeezing a little more toothpaste from the tube" is an expression that means making good and efficient use of any resource - yes, I liked it. Well done. =D

    Well, it is an interesting approach. You did manage to repurpose the notebook which most people would have just thrown away. You did loose portability but that happened when you had to always have it on AC. Overall I would say it was a well done project. I mean, many might say why didn't you just go with a new board? But in terms of cost saving, making use of what you have and recycling and reusing items I think its a good idea. Generally notebooks arn't made to be reused once broken but you have found a way around that.

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    Wow thank you for your comment.