How to Fabricate, Configure, and Install a Backup System Camera onto a Wheelchair


Step 5: Hub Box Preparation

Picture of Hub Box Preparation
Materials: Hub Box, Drill, (Tape, Ruler and Sharpie can be used to center holes)

a. You will have to drill 5 holes in the Hub box
b. Lay out all of the components inside of the box before drilling anything. This will ensure that everything fits in the way you want.
c. Drilling tips:
     i. Make sure the drill bit you are using is smaller than the hexagonal nut and the round housing of the jack. The nut and housing will compress on opposite sides of the hub box to hold the jacks in place.
     ii. If you drill the hole too small you can always make it bigger.
     iii. When you have your layout, use tape on the outside of the box so that you can easily mark the hole positions.
     iv. See the picture of the hub box layout to see each hole’s recommended position. These positions will vary depending on the box’s position on the wheelchair.
     v. Note: The charger power jack and switch cable jack should be next to the fuse and the camera jack and monitor jack should be next to each other on the short side of the hub box.
d. Drill 3 holes for the power jacks (one for camera, one for monitor and one for charger). Size: ½ in.
e. Drill the hole for the fuse holder. Size: ½ in.
 f. Drill hole for switch cable jack. Size: ¼ in.
g.Once all your holes are drilled, install the jacks with the supplied hex nuts.