How to Faux Paint




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Introduction: How to Faux Paint

A detailed video of how to faux paint a room



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    How did the project look when you were done? The video shows nothing in this aspect. If you want the project to stay the way you intend for it too be sure to seal the walls with some type of sealer preferably latex so you can clean it up with soap and water. The technique you are using is called ragging.
    Take care and have a great day.

    It looks like my Aunt's house walls who smoked for 80 years. jk - I like it.

    I also heard nothing after "water soluble, which means..." I was really getting into it. Nice explanation, too. Thanks!

    Wow, this looks really great! I'm looking forward to trying this technique. As a note - on my machine, the video cuts off after "this paint that we're using is water soluable, which means" Thanks for taking the time. :)

    zach ehat are u doing

    hi zach my self

    Hello, welcome to Instructables. I think you forgot to add the video.