How to Fax From Gmail - Step-by-Step VIDEO Tutorial





Introduction: How to Fax From Gmail - Step-by-Step VIDEO Tutorial

Discover how to send Fax from Gmail in step-by-step video tutorial provided by - Professional Internet Fax Service

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Step 1: In Your Gmail Account Connected to Create a New Message.

Step 2: In Address Line, Type

Step 3: In the Subject Line, Type Your Security Code, That Can Bi Found in the "Mail to Fax" Section of Your Account.

Step 4: In the Message Body Type the Fax Numbers in the International Formate.

Step 5: Attach the Document to Be Sent by Fax in Any Format That Can Be Emailed and Send the Message.

Step 6: In a Short Time, You Will Receive the Fax Transmission Report.

The fax transmission history can also be accessed from your online account.

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I think the last time I sent a FAX I was standing knee deep in tar along with the dinosaurs. If I already have email, why on earth would I want to send a FAX?