How to Field Strip A Ruger 10/22 Rifle for Cleaning

Picture of How to Field Strip A Ruger 10/22 Rifle for Cleaning
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Here's how to field strip (take apart) a Ruger 10/22 rifle for cleaning.
Here are the few tools you'll need:
Flat screwdriver
Small thin screwdriver or a punch

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Step 1: Safety First

Picture of Safety First
Take off all accessories (scopes, sights, etc). Remove the magazine, open the bolt, and ensure there are no rounds in the chamber.

Step 2: Safety button and screws

Picture of Safety button and screws
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Push your safety so that there is an equal amount showing on both sides. If you don't do this, the button will get stuck on the stock as you go to pull it off. Next, loosen the screw in the center, but don't take it out. Then loosen the screw on the barrel band and take it off. Now lift off the stock, and all you have left is the barrel/receiver assembly.

Step 3: Remove pins

Picture of Remove pins
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Depending on your rifle, the pins may just fall out on their own, or they may need some help. If they don't come out easily, gently use the screwdriver or punch and a hammer and gently tap the pins out. Put them somewhere where they won't get lost. Don't let the pins come out of the trigger assembly, unless you want to. I show how to disassemble the trigger assembly here: www.instructables.com/id/How-To-DisReassemble-the-Ruger-1022-Trigger-asse/

Step 4: Remove trigger assembly

Picture of Remove trigger assembly
Take the trigger assembly out and put it aside.

Step 5: Removing the bolt and spring

Picture of Removing the bolt and spring
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Pull the bolt handle back and lift up on the front of the bolt, and it should just come right out. Remove the spring as well.

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!
This is as far as you need to go to clean the rifle. If you want to, you can remove the barrel by using a hex key to remove the V-block that holds the barrel in place.

Step 7: Putting it back together

Picture of Putting it back together
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Put the bolt spring back in. Using your hand and a screwdriver, pull the bolt handle back all the way. Take the bolt and push it into the spring, you should hear a click.

Step 8: Attach trigger assembly

Picture of Attach trigger assembly
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Put the trigger assembly so the holes line up and insert the pins. If the pins don't want to go in, gently tap them with a hammer.
yjsqq89824 months ago

Hello, can send a Luger blueprint for me thank you 534395546 @qq.com

My rear receiver pin is stuck. I dont know why I can hit it with punches all day and it will not move from either side. Any advice?

RadBear5 years ago
I used one of these to plink at cans over the holidays while visitng my in-laws. It was nice, but had occasional feed problems
eat_squids (author)  RadBear5 years ago
Were you using the factory clips? I know that many aftermarket clips are notorious for not feeding well.
I'm not sure if they were aftermarket or not. They weren't the big 30 round ramlines. They were just 10 shots each. Unfortunately I don't recall the markings on the clips. It only happened 3 times, so it didn't suck too much fun out of the day.
If the clips can be disassembled you can tweak the spring tension. Sometimes it isn't the clips fault at all. When a barrel is taken off the receiver for cleaning and not re-aligned properly when it is replaced it causes feed issues too. There are many videos and instructions out there for both repairs.
lyleinmb3 years ago
nice job! you go dude! Thanks just got the take down. lyle
banawe5 years ago
Thanks for the very informative instructions. Your scope is the same with the other information i got from Ruger 10/22 Accessories sites Ruger 10/22 Accessories
Heh, I think I have that exact same cleaning kit and stand, and possibly the same scope as on your rifle.  Well written instructions.
eat_squids (author)  valhallas_end5 years ago
Thanks, I've got a Barska 4x Plinker scope
NIce pictures, well written instructions. How do you like the gun?
eat_squids (author)  Marble of Doom5 years ago
It's really nice, shoots really well, I love it