How to Field Strip a Sig Sauer P250 Modular handgun

Picture of How to Field Strip a Sig Sauer P250 Modular handgun
The Sig Sauer P250 is a modular hand gun platform that can be chambered in  9mm, .357Sig, .40S&W, and.45ACP.  The grips, slide assemblies, barrels  and magazines are interchangeable with the the serialized firing group.(step  4) All calibers are also avail. in full compact or subcompact (excluding .45acp). In this instructable I will show you how to field strip this weapon.
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Step 1: Safety First

Picture of Safety First
First  find a safe work environment, free of distractions and grabby hands. Next if the gun is loaded unload it, if not check to be sure its unloaded. Ok, now this step is really important ....make sure the gun isn't loaded. To do this pull back the slide and lock it it place, now remove the magazine,finally visually inspect the chamber to be sure no rounds are present. Now that you are sure the weapon is unloaded we can move on to step two.

Step 2: Removing the slide

Picture of Removing the slide
(Make sure the gun is not loaded.) With the slide locked back from the previous step locate the take down lever. Rotate the lever downward approx. 60 degrees. You have now cleared the way for the slide to be removed. Grip the slide with one hand and the grip with the other and release the slide via slide release. Careful not to release the slide without holding it as it is spring loaded and will slide all the way off the frame if not held. Slowly slide the slide forward off of the grip.

Step 3: Disassembling the slide

Picture of Disassembling the slide
Start by locating the guide rod which is sleeved by the recoil spring. The guide rod is held in place by the tension of the spring. Press down to compress and then lift out. next remove the barrel. The next step in future cleanings would be to remove the firing pin assembly. but the gun does not have enough rounds through it for me to get into that yet.