How to Fill an Office With Packing Peanuts





Introduction: How to Fill an Office With Packing Peanuts

Ever wanted to fill your co-worker's office with shipping peanuts?

Of course you have. But then you realized just how much work it would take (and how much a pain clean-up would be), and decided it wasn't worth the effort.

We came up with a better way. Here's how to make them think you've actually done it.

1. Roll of tape
2. Scissors
3. Roll of paper
4. Packing peanuts
5. Small box with at least 3 flaps intact

1. Roll out a strip of paper horizontally along the bottom of the frame
a. Be sure to leave enough space for the tape to overlap the bottom of the frame so the peanuts don't spill out the bottom
2. Tape left, right, and bottom edges
3. Fill the box with packing peanuts
4. Open 3 flaps with the one at the bottom inside the paper
5. Pour peanuts in
6. Pat the paper to help 'settle' the peanuts to fill in the gaps so you don't see the paper backing
7. Roll out next strip of paper
8. Repeat steps 2-6 as necessary
9. To finish it off leave some slack at the top so it bulges out a bit
a. This helps to give some depth at the top so you can make a pile of peanuts at the top, aiding the illusion

1. Close the blinds - too much light bouncing around the room reduces the illusion
2. Stuff packing peanuts under door - blocks light as well as discovery that the room is actually empty by peering under the door
3. Rig paper 'tube' from door frame to back of door and fill with peanuts, spilling out when the door is opened
4. Place something heavy behind the door - gives resistance when the door is opened
5. Rig a waterfall of packing peanuts to spill out when door is opened

Thanks to Jim and Paul for masterminding the operation; double thanks to Jim for writing up the instructions, and to Chris for being a good sport!



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    Thanks, Eric! :)

    Nice, but I didn't get one point: after having sealed the door and put something heavy behind it to increase its resistance... how do you leave the room? O-O

    Pull the item with a rope of some kind that you can snake under the door, perhaps? Haven't tried it but that would be my best guess.

    HAHA this is funny and creative at the same time.

    That was great! I think that it will work on an office with just a single window. I am going to do it with 1/8" thick birch plywood, popcorn glued to the top edge to disguise the top of the "dam". Just high enough that a passerby, couldn't see over it. I think that it'd be good for a permanent office prop or common room. It brought a big grin to my face... Life's too short.

    (and how much a pain clean-up would be) trust me most office people do not worry about this as it is a well known fact that they are not made to clean-up after themselves that's what the cleaning grunts are for

    Haha, brilliant!

    That one is one sweet prank! If somebody did it to me, I wouldn't undo it!

    This is also possible in a normal, freestanding cubicle! Take a sheet or large strips of paper and tape them about 4 inches down from the top edges of the cubicle walls. You want to create a "roof" inside the cubicle, which you then cover with packing peanuts. Do the same for the entryway, add a layer of plastic wrap and fill in between with peanuts. It looks like the whole cubicle is filled to the brim!