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Ever wanted to fill your co-worker's office with shipping peanuts?

Of course you have. But then you realized just how much work it would take (and how much a pain clean-up would be), and decided it wasn't worth the effort.

We came up with a better way. Here's how to make them think you've actually done it.

1. Roll of tape
2. Scissors
3. Roll of paper
4. Packing peanuts
5. Small box with at least 3 flaps intact

1. Roll out a strip of paper horizontally along the bottom of the frame
a. Be sure to leave enough space for the tape to overlap the bottom of the frame so the peanuts don't spill out the bottom
2. Tape left, right, and bottom edges
3. Fill the box with packing peanuts
4. Open 3 flaps with the one at the bottom inside the paper
5. Pour peanuts in
6. Pat the paper to help 'settle' the peanuts to fill in the gaps so you don't see the paper backing
7. Roll out next strip of paper
8. Repeat steps 2-6 as necessary
9. To finish it off leave some slack at the top so it bulges out a bit
a. This helps to give some depth at the top so you can make a pile of peanuts at the top, aiding the illusion

1. Close the blinds - too much light bouncing around the room reduces the illusion
2. Stuff packing peanuts under door - blocks light as well as discovery that the room is actually empty by peering under the door
3. Rig paper 'tube' from door frame to back of door and fill with peanuts, spilling out when the door is opened
4. Place something heavy behind the door - gives resistance when the door is opened
5. Rig a waterfall of packing peanuts to spill out when door is opened

Thanks to Jim and Paul for masterminding the operation; double thanks to Jim for writing up the instructions, and to Chris for being a good sport!
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ewilhelm7 years ago
jetgrrl (author)  ewilhelm7 years ago
Thanks, Eric! :)
ledshed2 years ago
Haha, brilliant!
Nachoman2 years ago
That one is one sweet prank! If somebody did it to me, I wouldn't undo it!
Logic7 years ago
This is also possible in a normal, freestanding cubicle! Take a sheet or large strips of paper and tape them about 4 inches down from the top edges of the cubicle walls. You want to create a "roof" inside the cubicle, which you then cover with packing peanuts. Do the same for the entryway, add a layer of plastic wrap and fill in between with peanuts. It looks like the whole cubicle is filled to the brim!
Sweet! I do recommend powering off any equipment in the cubicle before enclosing it.
winkman Logic7 years ago
Fantastic. :) Can't wait to do this one day. :P Business-associates beware... :P
Rishnai Logic7 years ago
I would laugh so hard if I saw that done. If it happened to me, I'd want to know why I suddenly have a cubicle, and WHY THE HELL IS MY CUBICLE FULL OF PEANUTS!?!?!?!?!
Exocetid2 years ago
Brilliant. Be sure to be ready with video for that first gasp out of the victim!
nmcrae12 years ago
I filled a friend's locker at work with peanuts - we laid the locker on it's back on the floor, filled it and stuffed them in tight and shut the door, then stood it back up in it's normal place. When he opened the locker it almost exploded with foam peanuts all over the locker room. it was HILARIOUS, even though we were finding peanuts for years afterwards..... and we still laughed about it whenever we found one....
im37333 years ago
serves the additional purpose of providing insulation/"curtains" for the office. this looks like it would be a fun one to implement.
jbenfield4 years ago
A more flexible approach (though considerably more work) is to glue a couple of layers of packing peanuts onto large sheets of white construction paper. You can then do things like top off a cubicle, place them on the inside of an elevator door or in the doorway of an office without windows. The effect is even better if you pull some saran wrap over the top of the "tiles" to make it look like the only thing holding them in is the plastic wrap. It also makes for fast set-up and tear down. Great if you have a whiny office mate that's going to complain to management and drag them back to the desecrated office. The evidence is gone in a matter of a minute or two. It's even more fun if you leave one lone packing peanut on the whinger's desk to taunt them.
gmjhowe7 years ago
Beautiful! pefect office prank!
this is so happening to someone we know.
who who who??
not sure yet. we'll have to think of someone though. this is golden :)
I would love to do this, but I don't work anywhere. I'm 14.
Same, 15 though. Of course the school has no offices I could do this with :|
LOL I would love to do this too. The blessed curse of youth...
Earths_hope5 years ago
friggin EPIC!!!!
King Julien5 years ago
Epic win
eyebot1175 years ago
That's funny. I'm going to remember this one forever!
demonbabi136 years ago
thats brilliant...
110100101106 years ago
if the door opens in then you cannot put the stuff under it (you sweep them away when you open to exit) to do this - put them on a sheet of paper or plastic behind the door. exit. pull itslowly to the door and out
hammer98767 years ago
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My first thought was, "How did they do that?!?" Then, "OMG. How are they going to clean it all out?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
jimmydean7 years ago
Amazing! It's the perfect April's fool prank for your boss!
The Jamalam7 years ago
I have an idea! If the cubicle door opens inwards, then you could somehow stop the door from opening, maybe glue it? Then you put a trail of peanuts leading to another colleagues cubicle to get 2 people distressed!
ScubaSteve7 years ago
Screw this! Ill go ahead and ACTUALLY FILL IT!
pebbles17 years ago
omg thats too funny..thats almost as good as the gag i thought up of shipping a live sheep to my freinds house for his birthday............
LOL finally something to do with all these anoying peanuts.
winkman7 years ago
Filling under the door as well is a great idea, but also sprinkling a few peanuts outside the door too... Maybe a few near the elevator, and then a small trickle to the cubicle.... Add a bit of mystery in there too... :P
noremakk7 years ago
You may also want to do this to his/her windows that lead out onto the street, so if they look up towards their office before entering, they won't see it empty or, if it's low enough to the ground, see your handiwork and thus spoil the prank. Plus, they'll rush that much faster up to their office if it looks like it's full from the outside and they see it.
volund7 years ago
We did this to a couple of the classrooms at school (with the help of a master key :P) the responses from the teachers was epic, especially seeing as the classrooms have 3 foot tall windows along the hallway wall, making the prank easy to spot. You have got to love having a friend who works at the local plastic factory, free peanuts :D.
ewilhelm volund7 years ago
Post a Slideshow!
Goodhart7 years ago
Cool !
edrabbit7 years ago
Thanks for the idea! Less than $80 in materials and about an hour and a half: Filling an office with packing peanuts, how to fake it
NeonLime7 years ago
How Much Do Packing Peanuts Cost And For How Much?
Roughly about $175 USD for 60 cubic feet worth (should be more than enough) by common outlets......that's a cube of 7 feet 9 inches on all 3 dimensions or 93 inches cubed (about a freight-elevator full), or 93 inches for each edge of a box.... For about $300, you can likely fill the whole office full at the current rate of bulk. Look up prices online if you really wanna do it, and calculate what you need....some receiving departments or companies will sell them to you at a huge discount since they have been used.
ouch 300 for a laugh maybe if i was an MIT student making thousands from blackjack then maybe....sorry just finished watching 21 :)
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