This is designed to show you how to find jobs and opportunities through LinkedIn. It also shows you how to submit your resume and cover letter for job applications.

Step 1:

Once you are logged onto LinkedIn, click on the “Jobs” link to take you to the next page.

Step 2:

Next click on “Location” icon by the phrase “Preferences” and enter your desired work location. Then click “Next”.

Step 3:

Once you clicked “Next” after entering your location enter the desired company size you would like to work for. Then click next.

Step 4:

Now “Check” all of the boxes that apply for which industries you are interested in. Once you are done doing so than click finish.

Step 5:

Scroll through the specific jobs selected for you. Once you find one, proceed to click on the job.

Step 6:

Read through the job description and qualifications to see if it matches your criteria.

Step 7:

Then, Click “Apply now” or “Apply on Website” to apply for the position. If you proceed to apply through the company’s website then you have successfully found a job though LinkedIn.

Step 8:

If you clicked “Apply now” then click on the link “Upload a file” to attach your resume or cover letter.

Step 9:

If you feel your submission is complete then click “Submit” to apply.

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