Introduction: How to Find Stepper Motor Coils Easy and Fast

First you must find how a stepper motor work and for that i have a video for you.

You whill find all you need about stepper motor.

Step 1: Now ...How to Do This..

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Now take Meter + and connects to a wire of the stepper motor now whit the -- coneect to the other 3 wires stop when you have a resistance you have the first coil ,now check the two wire who remained you must have the same resistance ,now you have 2 colis .

Here you can see that the first two random wires measured open, and
the second two measured 1.8 ohms. This is a typical large-ish 2 phase stepper.

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CelalC2 (author)2016-05-17

Is it possible to make these stepper motors to work like continuously turning regular DC motors, if yes how? Anyone knows?

artmez (author)2016-05-16

Sorry, but this needs more work as the meaning is quite unclear. It also doesn't mention polarity, but I guess that's what the referenced video is for.

I wonder if one of those AVR RLC/transistor testers could do this? They'd need four active terminals to identify the coils, but I think they only have three. Should be easy enough to rig up 4 analog inputs of an Arduino and write a program to identify the coils by continuity (but what of the coils polarity?).

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