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Introduction: How to Find Your Natural Part

My hair has been this rather intense bleach-blonde-A-line-with-bangs thing for so long that I actually had no idea where my natural part was anymore. So I put to use a tip I learned from one of my teachers at beauty school, which I will now share with you!

Step 1: Start With Wet Hair.

Comb it all straight back.

Step 2: Push It Forward

Lightly place your hand on the crown of your head and gently push the hair toward your forehead.

Step 3: Let It Fall

And there you have it. Wherever your hair falls naturally will reveal your natural part! As you can see, mine is slightly off-center.

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    Thanks for the tip! My hair seems to want to part in different places at different times. Maybe this tip will make it easier to keep up with.

    found laura croft

    Lol no use for finding a part but I do enjoy seeing you on your instructables

    This is a very handy tip! Thanks for sharing :)