Introduction: How to Find Your Natural Part

My hair has been this rather intense bleach-blonde-A-line-with-bangs thing for so long that I actually had no idea where my natural part was anymore. So I put to use a tip I learned from one of my teachers at beauty school, which I will now share with you!

Step 1: Start With Wet Hair.

Comb it all straight back.

Step 2: Push It Forward

Lightly place your hand on the crown of your head and gently push the hair toward your forehead.

Step 3: Let It Fall

And there you have it. Wherever your hair falls naturally will reveal your natural part! As you can see, mine is slightly off-center.

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Uncle Kudzu (author)2014-12-03

Thanks for the tip! My hair seems to want to part in different places at different times. Maybe this tip will make it easier to keep up with.

jimcathers (author)2014-12-03

great tip! thanks!

mcarey5 (author)2014-12-02

found laura croft

Badger4700 (author)2014-12-02

Lol no use for finding a part but I do enjoy seeing you on your instructables

Thederpyninja (author)2014-12-02

This is a very handy tip! Thanks for sharing :)