How to Finish Concrete

Step 3: Use a Broom to finish the surface texture of the concrete

Picture of Use a Broom to finish the surface texture of the concrete

Even by following my outstanding instructions it is doubtful that your surface will look a pro did it. As I said in the beginning, using a trowel isn’t all that easy. However, most of us are good with a broom. If your mother brought you up right, you’ve had lots of practice. Once you are finished with the trowel, simply take a soft broom and gently drag it across the surface. Always pull the broom (never push) and always go in the same direction. Just one pass should do the trick. I personally prefer a broom finish because it makes the surface slightly rougher. This is very helpful for those occasions when your sidewalk is wet. A hard troweled surface is very slick. Unless your brother-in-law is a really good lawyer, you don’t want someone take a tumble on your property. Concrete Repair is never fun.  Besides this way everyone will think you really knew what you doing and you won’t have to tell them about the broom trick.
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