Picture of How to: Fishtail braid
Here are the steps to a Fishtail braid!
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Step 1: First step

Picture of First step
First, make sure you comb the hair making sure there are no tangles,
leaving the middle section comb down.

Step 2: Second step

Picture of Second step
Take two pieces of hair, one from each side,
make sure you don't grab thick pieces.The thinner the pieces are the better the braid will look.

Step 3: Third step

Picture of Third step
What you're going to do, is criss cross the hair the entire time.

Step 4: Fourth step

Picture of Fourth step
You'll grab an extra piece of hair and criss cross it, then hold it with your thumb, grab a third piece of hair from the left and move it over to the right and tighten it, then hold it with your thumb.

Step 5: Fifth step

Picture of Fifth step
Then get hair from the right move it over to the left, then tighten it and hold it with your thumb.

Step 6: Sixth step

Picture of Sixth step
You'll repeat steps 4 and 5 over until you reach the very end of your hair, tie it  up, and there you go!