In this Instructable I'll walk you through how to fit a swiper mechanism to the Ember 3D printer.

The swiper will wipe the PDMS window in the resin tray after each layer keeping it clean and preventing the build up of cured resin or other gunk.

What you'll need to do this is:

  • Ember 3D printer
  • Swiper Kit (coming soon)
  • Hex Key for a M6 bolt
  • Wrench for 1/4" nut

Step 1: Assemble the Swiper Mechanism

Follow the assembly instructions in the control drawing. Make sure that you assembly the 7" inch articulating arm onto the arm mounting bracket in the correct orientation.

You should firmly tighten all the nuts using the wrench.

<p>Wouldn't this gadget scratch the PDMS?</p>

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