How to Fix Earbuds





Introduction: How to Fix Earbuds

After throwing away my fifth pair of $15 earbuds i was sick and tired of these things breaking, so when this pair broke i got out my X-Acto knife and started cutting.

Step 1: Materials

The problem spot is usually right at the end of the headphones (duh). The problem is that the wires get bent so much that they break(another duh), but this can be easily repairer with the following materials:
.wire stripper
.different sizes of shrink wrap
.soldiering iron
.X-Acto knife
.copper sheet (optional)

Step 2: Start Hacking

using the X-Acto knife CARFULY remove the casing at the end of the headphones. Then, take the wire strippers and remove about 3/4 inch of the protective wire casing.(pic 2)

Step 3: Reconnecting the Wires

You see there is a location where the good wire ends and the bad wire begins, cut the wires there. Re-twist the frayed wires the best you can and separate the wires so there is three distinct colors. Now slide some small shrink wrap over the long end. Match the colors together and soldier them together one at a time.

Step 4: Testing

Pull out your ipod, mp3, or other music playing device and plug in your headphones. Move the wires around she what creates the best connection. Once you have sound coming out the headphones the way you would like slide the shrink wrap up to the end and heat it up using the match.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Siffen up the end by sliding somebigger shrink wrap over the whole fixture ant the end and heating it up. I ended up with three layers(including the one mentioned on the step before). This provides a stiff and protective coating that should prevent this problem from occurring again.



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    oh my gerd I just bought a new pair of earbuds not even a week ago and they already stoped working!! come on family dollar get an upgrade!!!!

    Why don't you get an upgrade??

    Soldier and Soldiering iron? I'm going to guess you mean solder and soldering iron. Yes?


    I know that this question is from 4 years ago, but if, in the case you absolutely haven't found an answer to your question, the reason they have those fibers is [first off most cheap headphones have these] and it's really just to support the cables in the case they become worn/break. Especially since the wires used are so thin, they need extra support from something, or they'd just break after their first few weeks of heavy use. if you need to repair them, I would recommend tinning them [a soldering technique that you can learn how to do by looking up(if you don't already know)]

    I didn´t understand the good wire and bad wire stuff.
    can u explain it to me please!!!!!

    Does this work for iPod earphones? would it also fix the jackmic? also I like the sony barnd earbuds they last a long time they're only $10 and once one of them shorted out and i just left them for a week and didn't use them and when i came back and tried them out they worked again.... until my brother stepped on them.

    ipod head fones are the best. they are $28.99, but the ones i got with my 1st gen nano work still and theyre a year and a half old.

    Mine JUST broke. I haven't even had them a year yet. only a couple months. UGH! they're my ONLY earbuds, and I don't have the money to buy new ones -_-"

    My earbuds have a threaded cord. As in like, material, fabric, not regular rubber coating like most earbuds. How do I go about repairing them? If it helps, the brand is "lenntek".