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Introduction: How to Fix Leaking Hamilton Beach 49976 Flexbrew

Got one of these about six months ago and it started leaking when I used the carafe side, there was water pooling inside the whole bottom which cannot be safe. Wasn't too bad but it started dumping half the water every time I brewed. Looked into fixing it and sounds like the return process with Hamilton Beach isn't the best and involves you cutting the power cord...? Anyway I took it apart and will give the quick and dirty on how to fix this and you won't have to drill holes in it like I did trying to figure it out. It's not too hard to do with a couple tools.

You'll need

-Philips Screwdriver

-Fine flathead or prying tool

Might need ***** Will definitely need, my mistake there's one screw in the middle back that you will need to remove to get the whole back off

-Tri wing screwdriver

The problem is, at least in my case, is the hose going up with the hot water to brew is not secured.

Step 1: Doing the Dang Thing

How to find out if this is your problem

By Feel

There's some other amazon reviews that say this is happening to them, I'm nothing special so it's probably the same issue for me lets open this beach up. If the water is hot and you're still getting some coffee brewed you can probably assume this is it. The hose is in a great spot to slip out.

Through the bottom

There's the tri wing security screws on the bottom of the unit, if you open that up and peer up to the location you might be able to tell. If yours leaks a lot it should be obvious like my photo, if its only a little this may tell you nothing.

Through the top

Taking the head off above the reservoir, if you take the one screw out then remove the bracket on the cover you should be able to slip out the hot spout. Then you can see down into the hole and diagnose.

If you can't see anything wrong you can leave your problem is beyond human comprehension

The fix

**** Use tri wing to take off bottom panel or at least middle rear screw

Use your flathead or pry tool to open both seams on the back edges of the unit. There are 4 clips on each side that hold it together, press these down and the sides will be able to flex out. The sides can flex a decent amount and you'll need to move it quite a bit the access the two screws near the top. There are two more screws at the bottom that are much easier, then you can pull the back off and perform your fix. If you have diamonds for fingers feel free to pinch the clamp and push the hose all the way up and reclamp. I also used a zip tie just in case. Hope this works for you good luck!

I would have set this up better but this site in kinda broken I cant add another step and it keeps wanting to underline everything. I'd fix it but I'm not retired and I think the dog needs to poop really bad and I need to enjoy this pot of coffee.



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    Oh my goodness. How do you pry the back off this thing?


    I'm trying to remove the top screw on my reservoir, but it's not coming all the way out. Is there a trick to removing it and the bracket on the cover?

    Thanks -

    2 replies

    If you're trying to get the back cover off you shouldn't need to remove anything from the top where the reservoires are. I did took that apart trying to troubleshoot but I don't remember any screws not coming out.

    Thanks. Right now the hardest part is trying to find the right screwdriver to remove the back. It's a good thing we have a percolator. :)