How to Fix a Door That Won't Stay Open





Introduction: How to Fix a Door That Won't Stay Open

I had a pesky door in my bathroom that kept closing on its own.  Rather than keeping a brick in front of it, I fixed the problem at the hinge.

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I did it! I used a bread tie that had been used several times and I actually think it worked better because it was a bit thicker. It took a bit of hammering to get them in back into he door. Thanks!

Our bedroom has double doors, one of which would never stay fully opened. I tried adding shims and tightening hinge screws. Nothing worked. "This Old House" said the upper hinge would have to be repositioned since it was so out of plumb.

So today I came across this suggestion - add a twist tie to the center hinge.

Worked like a charm! For ten years that door has been bugging me. No more!


Wow! Worked on first try. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah it worked, thanks


I'm a 26 year old woman with very little household improvement experience. I did not have the resources to take photo or video (sorry) but I can write about my experience:


The only hitch that arose was that the pin wouldn't come out of the hinge. First I had to find a screwdriver with a sturdy handle (phillips head-- flat won't fit into the hinge). Then, after a few minutes of unsuccessful hammering and almost broken fingers, I realized the pin was rusted in the hinge. WD-40 to the rescue!

After the WD-40, the pin came out. If your door frame is as awkward as mine, then beware that the pin will get stuck and you will probably chip the door frame a little bit (it's barely noticeable). But for the sake of functionality, I think the dents in the frame were worth it.

Once I put the bread-tie in, I hooked it over the top slightly. The pin didn't even move the bread-tie while hammering it down, so that part went incredibly smoothly. After the pin was hammered all the way into the hinge, I just cut off the excess with regular craft scissors.


I did this on the middle hinge alone and it works perfectly. You would have to have pretty lose hinges for it not to. I can open my door all the way and it stays open pretty stiffly. I have a two year old, so I actually like that the door is stiff. I don't have to worry about it closing in her face when she follows me around.

And now my life is just a little bit easier. Hoorah!

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Good for You, Unplugged!! Anyone that has a can of WD40 and knows how to use it is well on their way to being a home improvement guru!! The secret is courage to try new things, and you have already mastered that. Next, you can follow my instructable on how to build a 13-ton fireplace in your back yard!!
There is some great stuff called lightweight spackle that you can use to fill your door frame dents. If your frame is white, you won't even have to paint, afterwards.

Ha! I love the blooper ending. Anyway,


After my divorce I moved back in with my folks and their bathroom door does this to me all the time! I have been using a bottle of lotion to hold it open!

I will try this TOMORROW and will post a pic or video. Seriously... I am so relieved! Now just do a video on how to rig a new-fangled push drain to clog less and how to fix a shower nozzle that has little to no temperature control and maybe my bathroom will be useable and I won't want to pull all my hair out in the morning!

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Hair is the main thing that clogs all shower drains. Bend a small hook in the end of a coat hanger, pull out (unscrew) your push drain, and fish out gobs of hair that draino has a hard time getting. Your drain should run fine for 6 months to a year, and then you do it again.

I am not sure on the temp control. If the head seems clogged, unscrew it and soak in CLR for a few hours to remove the calcium build up. More flow might allow better temp control.

If you pull your hair out in the morning, just don't do it in the shower. See clog comment. :)