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Hello, This is my first instructable! I will show you how to fix the button or " Clicker " in a computer mouse.

When youre mouse dosent click when you press it. It gets annoying if youre playing a game and youre mouse dosent work when you want it.

Step 1: The Tools

Picture of The Tools
The tools for the job.

A broken mouse (I use an old usb $12 walmart mouse)
A small trusty screwdriver
Super glue  (to fix the mouse)
Thook1 month ago

Thanks, this helped me to fix my mouse!
Also I fixed my older mouse with hockey tape, it seems to work too.

so you essentially padded the clicker thing with glue to get it to work better? glad you were able to fix it!
Guchiwoochi (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Pretty much! Thanks!