How to Fix a Shredded Shoelace


Introduction: How to Fix a Shredded Shoelace

Shredded shoelace is very boring and disgusting, but it is very simple, cheap and fast to fix, following the simple steps:

Step 1: Stay Calm and Do Not Pull the Thread!

You will need to fix the shoelace:

- Cellophane tape roll

- Scissors

Step 2: Starting to Put the Tape at the Shoelace

Leave a space and start the tape wound around the soelace

Step 3: After Many Passes, Cut the Tape

Step 4: Trim Off the Excess

Step 5: Your Shoelace Is Fixed!



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    9 Discussions

    This is a good fix. Heat shrinking tubes also make good aglets. :)

    4 replies

    Aglets: The name of the thingy on the end of a lace that no-one knows :)

    You can also buy crimpable metal ferrules (another good word) which you could use for this.

    Cool! Thanks for help with the name, because I am brazilian and neither in portuguese I knew the name :)

    also a quick blast on the end with a lighter will heat seal the loose threads if no other items are to hand

    3 replies

    True. Don't use superglue though. I tried that once to "crisp up" the end. It got VERY hot and smoked out noxious fumes.

    Sometimes superglue and fabrics just don't get on well :(

    Sorry, but in this case, the thread is made with cotton and it is no possible to apply fire