How to Fix or Repair Headphones





Introduction: How to Fix or Repair Headphones

A "how to" guide showing how to fix plug shorts that occur in most brands of headphones for under $20.  

The headphone plug I show in the video is $4.19 (2 pack), here's the link:

Another Gold plated plug is also $4.19 but it only has one plug in the package. This one requires NO SOLDER:

Good luck and I'll see you on Youtube!



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    I have a pair of earbuds that I don't know what color wires go to what plug part. I don't know where 2 clear wires go or where a white wire goes. I know the other 3 wires are ground to the right earbud, and a microphone wire. Can you help me please.

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    The two clear wires are probably the sound. The white wire is probably the ground. But I'll need more information to understand your question.

    I have a pair of samsung earbuds with a microphone. I need to figure out where to solder the wires. In the picture, the middle plug is the kind I have, which is labeled what each section connects to. I know the wire with no insulation is ground, and I am pretty sure I know where the green and red wires go. I don't know where to solder the other 3 wires. I hope this is enough info.


    Do the mini AV (for digital receivers) have the same wiring as the ipod av cable

    OK, I think I know what you need to do:

    First, go to my 3rd video on headphones "Fix or Repair Headphones with a Microphone...". Follow these steps to connect the red, green, and copper wires. The two "Clear" wires you mention in your original comment are the microphone and get connected to the "Microphone Connector" I show in the video. The White wire is the Microphone's ground and gets connected to the Ground Connector.

    Hope that helps!

    To make sure this is the correct plug, check out my 3rd video on headphones on the Instructables website, or go to YouTube and type in "#3 Fix or Repair Headphones with Microphone / Bass Boost (iPhone, SkullCandy, Klipsch, etc)" .

    If you go to the 1 minute time-point in the video, I explain the difference between the plug I show in my 1st video and another plug. You may need this "other plug" for your iBeats. In the 3rd video I explain how to connect this new plug.


    thank you dude your a life-saver i spent 100 dollars on these earphones and i was not about to go and get some new ones

    I tried splicing a pair of headphones onto an existing jack from another pair of headphones. (Instead of soldering to the jack itself, I soldered to the wires)

    Alas, I couldn't get it to work.

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    Ya, I tried that also before discovering the plug at RadioShack. It does seem like it should work though. Thanks for the comment!

    I would recomend using some heat shrink tubing on the wire on the area from the inside of the plug to about an inch outside the plug. This will provide strain relief as well as prevent the wires from shorting again due to bending.
    Otherwise great Instructable! Very informative to those who need help with this!

    -CC :3

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    No Problem! Ha ha! Punny! "Tip" as in headphone connectors! Ha ha!

    Thanks a lot this really helped!