How to Fix or Repair a Leaky Sunroof (Quick Tip Video)





Introduction: How to Fix or Repair a Leaky Sunroof (Quick Tip Video)

Does your car have a sunroof? Have you noticed water collecting inside your vehicle recently? Perhaps this video can help!

This is a Quick Tip Video showing the location of your sunroof drains, and how to clean them out. There may be 2 or 4 drains,depending on your make / model, located at the corners of the sunroof. These drains can get clogged with dirt, which can allow water to run inside your car. It is really easy to clean these and to fix your problem without going to the mechanic.

Feel free to ask questions in the comment section below! Good Luck!



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I went to clear my drains and noticed that there clean and the sunroof open and close mechanism is soked could it be from the winsheild not being installed correctly.?

Looks like the inside of my car. My driver's seat and floorboard behind it are soaking wet from all the rain we have been having here in WA. Not only is my sunroof leaking but now it is caving in. I can't afford to have it repaired so until I can I will need to cover it up with a tarp and not drive when it rains out. My car is old (1989 Mazda MX-6) and I am fixing only what needs to be until I can find the money to get another one. Just another problem to add to my stress level. My driver's door on the outside hasn't opened in a long time and I have to go in through the passenger side.

Thanks for the video, it is very instructing! I have had this same issue in my car for a couple months now. It has been summertime however and so I haven't bothered with it. Now that winter is coming upon us I need to make sure I have this taken care of.
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That's good (Well not that your sunroof is leaking). Good luck!

great video!

Mine has been leaking for the last couple of weeks. Went out this morning, 2 inches of water on floor. Opened sunroof and one of the drains was plugged solid.

Moved the debris and out went the remainder of the water in the sunroof gutter.


Wish I had seen this six months ago, before it cost 800.00 t get drains "repaired".

I'm glad I was able to help! Thanks for watching! -RM