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Hi people, this is my first instructable, I don´t write very well in english, so sorry me for this...

Many people have iphones, ipads, and ipods, their original cable sometimes break, and then you need to buy another one, and how Apple charges a lot for their original cables, found a way to fix them without too much difficulty, the only basic requirement to be able to fix is a brief knowledge at electronic practice.

Step 1: Necessary Materials

You will need:
1 cutting pliers

1 stylus 15 cm shrink tube 2mm

1 soldering iron (I advise to use 30w)

1 lighter

1 tin tube

Step 2: Let´ S Go

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take the broken cable and look at its two ends, that is more bent or broken appear is that we must cut off;

(the image cable is functioning normally, when I bought it, I put a shrink tube)

Step 3: Cutting the Cable

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Now that you found the broken end, cut the cable 2 cm connector distance;

take a stylus and strip the cable, you will now see a metal shield, CAREFULLY with the stylus remove the shield after you will find the thread, now do the same thing in another part of the wire.

Step 4:

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Now that step
Peel off the wire ends and solder the end of them, do the same in the other part of the cable, now cut a piece of about 1 cm of the shrink tube and place the wires, solder the wires to their respective colors and after that place the pieces of tube in spot welds, take the lighter and dryer and retract them. After all combine all cables already soldiers and wrap with electrical tape after to give a better finish on the cable if you want to use another shrink tube of larger caliber and apply.

Thank you guys, any doubt ask me...


JonathonH14 (author)2016-07-10

can you do the same with any usb card to make a longer cable out of it

FelipeB46 (author)JonathonH142016-07-10

I recommend that you use a USB extender

JonathonH14 (author)FelipeB462016-07-10

ok thanks for the reply this will come in handy so i dont have to keep buying new ones when they brake

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-07-09

Great tutorial. I have had to do this to repair several of my cables.

tanks friend, I decided to do this tutorial because I had never found a complete tutorial

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