Introduction: How to Fix the Disk Error Popup on a Eclipse Fit Clip

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This method will only work from a Mac computer. Before you do this fix, you need to back up your files on the mp3 player because they will get deleted in the process of the fix.

Step 1: Finding "Disk Utility".

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Open your finder. Click on the applications tab on the left.

Step 2: Open Utilities

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Open "Disk Utilities".

Step 3: Select the Mp3 Player.

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Step 4: Erase Tab

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Click the erase tab.

Step 5: Reformating

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Select the "MOS-DOS (FAT)" option on the pull down tab that says "format".

For the name, type in what you want the mp3 player to be called.

Step 6: Security Options

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Click the "security options" button. Slide the slider all the way to the right. Click "Ok".

Step 7: Erasing

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Click "Erase". It might take a while, depending on how many files are on the player. Wait until it is finished. Then go to your desktop and eject the disk.


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