Step 4: Take off front cover.

This step is optional, but definitely helps A LOT. To do this, stick your fingernail in the top corner, and pull apart. Then, slide your fingernail down the front side so the gap moves throughout the whole side.
Thx alot it realy helps to know that
I've noticed I have a ring around the edge of a couple of my Xbox games and now they've stopped working what does this mean?
<p>I see a lot of comments on here from people that obviously have no idea what they are talking about. Sorry to you all, but stopping the fan turning, flipping it over and letting the chip heat up to remelt the solder is just going to shorten the life of the components, if not risk killing them all together. The internal junction points in the chips are not designed to get hot enough to melt solder without actually melting some of the insides of the chip. </p><p>The thing with fans, stopping the fan moving will shorten the life of the fan, having an external fan blowing on the unit will not upset any fan at all and actually will help keep it cooler, even if it appears to be competing with the existing fan a little.</p><p>Honestly, if you have the rrod and you do not know much about electronics (ie, have not actually studied) and additional airflow around the unit doesn't help, take it to someone who knows what they are doing as most of the comments below are just going to do more damage than what they fix. </p><p>This instructable has a good premise in that additional airflow will help reduce the overheating, but if the damage is done, nothing will fix it properly other than a proper repair.</p><p>I am an Electronics Engineer with 20 years personal experience with gaming consoles, domestic electronics and Satellite electronics. </p>
<p>If you get rrod, take it to get fixed and you'll never regret it. If you try to fix it yourself and you are not an electronics tech, you'll blow you system and then you'll be buying a new one. If you are a kid without a job, that means a gift from mom, dad or whoever. Think about what you are doing before you do it, or you'll be short one x-box 360! Extra cooling is good. If you want, mod your x-box with a larger fan so that cooling will never be a problem for you, but sticking paper clips and pennies into your x-box is something an ignorant child would do. Service your expensive toy!</p>
<p>well..........i am going to try</p>
I take that back it worked yesterday but now it f***** up my Xbox 360 even more<br>
It worked good for me<br>
fixxing RROD isn't just about cooling the xbox down,if you have a rrod(that doesen't fix itself)it's because the overheat has damaged the soldering of the vga chip(a common problem with hight temperature for surface soldering,also some macbook vgas have the same problem),you need to HEAT&nbsp;the soldering point at about 300&deg; with an air gun so it's not just about &quot;cooling it down&quot;,your &quot;method&quot; is only if your xbox is only overheated and it's becaus you need more room for the air and to clean the fans.<br />
obviously this guy is wronger than my enlish, but there is a silmple solution, but be careful if u do this,&nbsp;<br /> 1, put a paperclip in the fan of you xbox<br /> 2, turn your xbox upside down<br /> 3, let it run until it dissapears<br /> i fixed mine that way, but its just for some weeks, so i changed the cooling paste of the chip and mounted a cpu cooler on it and now i can play day and night
a paperclip in the fan?!?!<br /> you'll simply destry the fan and burn your xbox!<br /> <br /> a fan with a paperclip will act as a resistor and the fan motor will burn in no time.<br /> <br /> Also note that not all the xbox can be fixxed simply heating by turning it on,some xbox(like one i have here)don't create heat when turned on(maybe the alimentation pin is the one broken).<br /> <br /> The RROD is caused by a pin unsolded because of the heating,you need to melt the broken joint pushing the chip and then cool it off,you may imagine that is EXTREMELY&nbsp;dangerous to simply heat the joint by turning on the chip,it may damage it!!!<br />
No it won't don't listen to plokko
the fan lasts more than 12 minutes stopped, i tested it.<br /> by doing that, you are speeding the process that caused the rrod.<br /> by putting it upside down, the chip can fall into place when overheated,<br /> i tested it and it worked
yes,it MAY work but there are great chanses of failure.<br /> <br /> The best option is to open it and use a hot air gun(for soldering)but it cost A&nbsp;LOT&nbsp;of money(&gt;200-300&euro; used)so if you know someone with one of this things you may&nbsp; ask his help or you can try run it without fans,it's risky but it's your last option.<br />
btw, my friend did it differently, a bit safer, he ductaped the ventilation holes to overheat his xbox, it took 6 minutes, and done, he still has his warranty, and paid nothing for it :p
Great job it really helped fix my Xbox 360
if you keep a fan at the back of the xbox, make sure it is sucking air, not blowing. The xbox fans blow air out so a fna blowing back in through the same gap will just hinder the original fans. if you do want to add a fan, put it on the right side (when laying down) as this is the main air intake for the xbox.
NO NO NO NO. I am tired of telling people not to do that. I have Re-Bailed so many systems, because when people get the rrod. they look on youtube or google for answer(towel/penny) trick, putting fans at back to make xbox run smoother. none of it works, yeah maybe for a short time. then back to rrod, because people are too cheap to go buy decent gear asap to try preventing it all happening again. Right putting a Fan Blowing aginst the other fan is not healthy at all, for the xbox ,what happens the fans end up fighting unil one gives in. i.e being damaged and stops working or just slows down. meaning if the wrong one stops/slows down the xbox Will get Hotter. Infact i don't agree with any of these xbox fixs. and it annoys me seeing people think they know what they are talking about Don't. and also rip off companies. There is no 100% fix for the xbox rrod.. why? because there isn't simple there are way too many rrod's some yeah maybe 87% chance you can fix it perm.. but 9/10 the person trying to do the fix doesn't know how to so will end up damaging the xbox. nice tutorial mate. But it isn't really worth trying to fix an xbox now why? because the amount people spend one useless crap to fix it, they can go to GAME or gamestation, buy a preowned one no games no controller, less to nothing and they always give you a 2 year rec to take it back incase of rrod.. anyways that is me..<br><br>nice tutorial as i said but please anyone who reas this.. Search online you can get them alot cheaper preowned.. peace.<br>
Hi DJohson24,<br>Do you disagree with my comment, or with the tutorial? - who are you saying 'NO NO NO' to?<br><br>if you've opened up an Xbox, you'll know that the Xbox fans blow out of the back. My comment was telling people not to put a fan behind the xbox which blows at the xbox, as it will simply restrict the Xbox's own cooling.
<p>its not like u know what ur doing</p>
<p>rrod is such a tradgety . effecting lots of people</p>
<p>rrod is such a tradgety . effecting lots of people</p>
i hate to tell you this, but that pic right there is 4 red lights, which means the xbox cant detect a video cable, thats NOT RROD.<br />
and this guide will not fix rrod, it will only help to cool it if there was no real problem caused<br />
That's very true.&nbsp; If you want to know how to fix the red ring of death, you should check out the guides from <a href="http://xboxsupport.net" rel="nofollow">xboxsupport.net</a>, they really helped me out a ton.<br /> <br /> Plus, they've got a few other good articles on there too.<br />
<p>but they dont sell graphics chips themselves</p>
That's not the red ring of death, that's a hardware that you should consult microsoft for. Genious
<p>why would anyone consult microsoft? If they cant build the xbox the right way the 1st time, why trust them?</p>
Thank you, genius
Note to self: Learn to spell before mocking others
Thank for the help <br>
seriously... the maxtemps for a cpu are aroung 70 celcius...that is when it RODs or Christmas Lights (CTOD or CLOD) without removing anything internal it should only take about thirty minutes to cool to room temp, also clean out the dust from arount your fans.
repairing rrod consits of more than just keeping it cool, maybe this should be a guide on rrod prevention.
Jejeje, nice tip, keep that BBQ cold to avoid the red lights. I have a PS3, my personal record is about 26hrs playing in Full HD output and 5.1 Optical Output too, after I turned it off, the tv was more hot than the PS3, the PS3 cold down by himself without any problem.<br />
first i love my 360 :p but keeping to this subject you should play a max of 2 games per boot up theneither restart or turn off your console,simples<br />
<a href="http://bit.ly/redringfix" rel="nofollow">bit.ly/redringfix</a>&nbsp;<br /> check it out and see yourself
&nbsp;also those red rings mean the cable is loose<br /> <br />
Ummm... your photo does not show the rings of death - the &quot;ROD&quot; is only 3 of the 4 lights. What&nbsp;the 4 lights means is that simply you have your AV cord unconnected.<br /> If you&nbsp;had&nbsp;the real ring of death then&nbsp;your method wouldnt fix it.<br /> Other than that you got some good advice- keep the darn thing&nbsp;cool becos i got the rings of death and&nbsp;cant fix it no matter wat - only 1 year old but had it chipped so warranty is stuffed...&nbsp;
Keeping your Xbox ( or any electronics ) in a confined space such as your &nbsp;&quot;jail cell&quot; is going to cause problems down the road. It needs a fresh supply of air to cool it down. The air withing your cupboard there will get very hot and eventually something will fail.<br /> <br /> Your best bet is to cut a couple of holes in the back and put the fans in the cut-outs, the power them off a 5 or 12V supply.<br /> <br /> You have no need to let it cool overnight, or ever, if you have proper ventilation.&nbsp;<br />

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