Step 2: Plug the Holes

I used some polyurethane epoxy to patch the holes because it has a bit of flexibility even after it is fully cured. I had some nice Double-Bubble pouches lying around. Regular epoxy would probably work just fine too as long as you don't coat too big of an area as the epoxy might pop off. If I were really clever, I'd find a way to fix this Thermarest in the backcountry. 

I opened the valve to deflate the Thermarest before applying the epoxy so that the air wouldn't blow a path through the curing epoxy.

Mix it up on a piece of cardboard pulled from the recycling bin and dab it over the place you marked with the sharpie.

Let it set for a few hours and then test out how well it holds air!

<p>Field repairs...I always carry some Shoe Goo and a square of ripstop nylon about 12&quot;x12&quot;. I have repaired my backpack after a chipmunk chewed his way in, my tent (floor, roof, door, and fly), my sleeping bag AND my Thermarest (numerous times).</p><p> 1.) Apply a thin layer of Shoe Goo to the hole, tear or rip and your patch that you have cut to be slightly oversized. I use a stick to rub it in and saturate the fabrics. 2.) Allow to flash over for a few minutes. 3.) Apply the patch and use that stick again to make sure there are no air pockets between the two. 4.) Allow to cure.</p><p>I should note that I usually apply a two-sided patch when on my tent. I ended up patching my backpack two-sided as well.</p>
McNett makes a Field Repair kit, which includes a small tube of Seam Grip glue. <br> <br>Personally, I always carry a small tube of GOOP. They're available in miniature tubes if you buy the multi-pack. The only downside is trying to find/dry/repair while in the woods...
You could try sugru. That would meet your back country fix needs.
Possibly :) <br>I'd be worried that sugru wouldn't stick well enough though. I was thinking more along the lines of tree sap or resin ;)

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