Picture of How to Float Dead Bodies
This is a tutorial on how to make "dead" people appear as if they are floating.
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Step 1: Make your costume

Picture of Make your costume
photo 3.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 2-1.JPG
photo 4.JPG
If you want your model to look like they are really dead then you must make them dress for the occasion.

FIRST: get a long white dress for your model. i got one from a thrift store for $3 which I highly recommend if you plan on cutting it up or throwing dirt on it like i did.

NEXT: cut it up and make it look worn & torn. i threw dirt, flour, and red food dye mixed with vinegar and then olive oil on the dress my model wore to make it look authentic and as if she just rose from the dead after a bloody, violent death.

Step 2: Take your photograph

Picture of Take your photograph
NEXT: pick your setting and take your photograph. make sure you use a tripod and to take the two photos so there is no movement. A remote would work the best if you had one. I had forgotten my tripod at home and had to improvise so if that happens just wing it.

Step 3: Cut out your model

Picture of Cut out your model
cut out selected.png
After you take your photos and upload them onto your computer, open up photoshop with your photos. Put the two photos in the same window just on different layers.

Then you need to select the lasso tool and use it to outline your model. This is how you will cut the person out. Once you have your model selected, or outlined, go to the Select tab then click inverse then delete. this will leave you with only your model. Put the model picture above the background in your layers menu on the bottom right hand side of the screen. 

Step 4: Adding a shadow

Picture of Adding a shadow
I didn't put much effort into this because there wasn't any shadow in the original picture, but use the burn tool on a low percent and add a shadow where you think one should go. Just play around with it until you feel it is right.
rickyro2 years ago
woo creepy
dsingh182 years ago
you shud have made the side view of the model it wud look great , n nice trick with the wooden ladder
the information is good enough to follow and is organized well but the photo its self breaks the rule of thirds which means you basically you have to much background and not enough subject to justify the composition of the photography. also to follow up on that it lacks a bit of style like no clouds or smoke. However that's not what we are focusing on you were trying to teach how to make someone float and did that very well.
jdc2450 (author)  sircaptaintigerotter2 years ago
Ya the original one I was going to use didn't work because I had left my tripod at home and didn't have much time to take the picture since the place was closing.
cool, what if you wanted to put her higher than the ladder allows?
one need the correct exposures of the scene + the color balance/color combinations ,
>>just get two pics as here
>>get the lady out of a pic in a layer above
>> rest photoshop , pixlr all will allow to move the lady/dead body :)

ironsmiter2 years ago
step three is where you make or break the photochop.