How to "Fly" a Human Powered Hydrofoil - the "Aquaskipper"


Step 6: Flying Fish 1983

Picture of Flying Fish 1983
The original pedal powered hull-less hydrofoil, the "Flying Fish":

The flying fish video is from Mark Drela's Decavitator website, now only available via the WaybackMachine:

http://members.aol.com/jfreeent/hf.htm says:
"The first hydrofoil to fly was probably the "Flying Fish"; It was essentially a bicycle with foils instead of wheels. It had no floats at first, and was launched off a pier on rails. Their flight was
first published in 1984. If your PC can run video, the "Flying Fish"link below will show the essential components of all hydrofoil research. . .GETTING DUMPED !! That's Allan Abbott on the hydrofoil, and probably Alec Brooks doing the "rip cord". "

The photos are from http://www.ihpva.org/HParchive/ Human Power, the Journal of the IHPVA Vol 3 no.2 winter 1984 in the lead article "The Flying Fish" written by Alec Brooks. The captions read: "Allan Abbott flies by at about 12mph" and "The Flying Fish, weight: 39lb, max speed: 14+ mph. Note surface follower on front strut."
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